The Fixed Stars Society - Astrological Remediation + Magic

Fix the stars so that they shine in your favor!

You like Astrology.

You enjoy reading your horoscopes and working with Astrology to plan out your year.


You aren’t sure what to do about the various celestial speed bumps that occur every year.

You may find yourself asking:

What do I do with the fact that there are three Mercury Retrogrades every year?


How can I take advantage of an opportune planetary conjunction?


How do I navigate things when Mars is in a bad position or Venus is going retrograde?


As it turns out, most people who have studied Astrology in any serious manner have asked these questions…and there are entire bodies of ritual and ceremony designed specifically to address various celestial happenings.

It doesn’t matter whether the astrological event is “good”, “bad”, or somewhere in between.

(Honestly, my approach to Astrology is that both so-called good and bad events are opportunities – we just have to know how to best align with them).

The important thing to remember is that no matter what is happening in the sky, there is magic, ceremony, and ritual to address it.

So, wouldn’t it be nice to hand your chart over to someone who understands not only what the skies are going to bring, but also what can be DONE about it?

That’s certainly how I felt when I started seriously learning about Astrology.

I loved working with the stars and planets to plot my course over the year AND I felt overwhelmed by all of the information out there.


I knew I was missing out on celestial opportunities that could have brought great benefit into my life.


I HATED that feeling!


So, as I began to practice for others I started weaving Astrological remediation (a fancy term for doing magic and devotional practices to correctly align with various astrological events) into my offerings.

I have now created magic for Astrological remediations on behalf of hundreds of people and the results are consistently excellent.

From my Mercury Retrograde Survival Kits to special rites honoring planetary sign changes and significant aspects, I have seen first hand how having someone pair magic with Astrology can create more love, health, wealth, and joy in your life.


Aligning yourself with the Cosmos is one of the easiest ways to create more opportunities for success and joy in your life…isn’t it time you fix the stars so that they shine in your favor?


How it works:

The Fixed Stars Society is a membership society to literally fix the stars so that they shine in your favor.

Here is what is included in the membership for 2023

  • A copy of your natal chart if you don’t already have it.
  • Mercury Retrograde Survival Kits
  • Remediation for Jupiter’s entry into Taurus.
  • Remediation for Pluto’s entry into Aquarius.
  • Remediation for Venus Retrograde
  • Remediation for Jupiter Retrograde
  • Remediation for Saturn Retrograde
  • Remediation for Uranus Retrograde
  • Remediation for Neptune Retrograde
  • Remediation for Pluto Retrograde
  • Awesome surprise bonuses along the way!


Wait…What *IS* Astrological Remediation?

The terms “remediation” or “astrological remediation” might be new to you, which is fine.

An astrological remediation is an act – practical, magical, or a combination of both, that is designed to honor a specific celestial event (like a planet changing signs or entering into a specific aspect with another planet) by aligning with the event’s opportunities and protecting from its difficulties.

Basically, these are rituals and ceremonies aimed to make the stars work in your favor! Astrological remediations have been around for millennia because stars and magic go together so beautifully.

Ritual actions vary depending on what the astrological event is and where it is occurring. In many cultures world over this kind of magic is still sought out and incredibly popular.

In the US and parts of the developed world Astrological remediation is gaining new popularity and standing because those who have remediations created for them by skilled practitioners attest to the immediate benefits.

I have been offering astrological remediations to my community for years.

I started with the Mercury Retrograde Survival Kit and then branched out from there as more requests came in.

Now, I am offering all of my astrological remediations that I would normally make available throughout the year under the Fixed Stars Society membership.



I have never been a fan of those sale pages that are like: for the price of a latte you can change your life!!!

But I will say that I have worked hard to make the Fixed Star Society available to everyone without downplaying its value.

All of the services I am offering in this membership come to a grand total of AT LEAST $5,000.

The price of the program? $3000 less than that.

And of course you can pay in one, two, or twelve payments.




  1. What: 12 months of the fixed star society