Discovering our Descendants

Learning and Community


just finished teaching a two week long training for a group of radiant souls (many of you included!) on working with Ancestors and Descendants in order to create a future that we love.

One of the things that I knew going into this teaching but that I really found to be the case was that the concept of Descendants is still so fuzzy for many of us.

That makes total sense because, as my students can tell you, working with our Descendants is intense – even more so than working with our Ancestors.

Descendant is a term that applies to anything or anyone that comes after you and whose life has been touched by and influenced by you in some way.

If you have children then they are your Descendants. If you have children in your family that you are Auntie/UncleFriend/Godmother/father to then they are also your Descendants.

For all of us, the concept of Descendant goes beyond children.

The secret book locked in your desk drawer, the socks you knitted last Friday, the meal that you are going to make tonight – these are ALL Descendants.

I discovered long ago that working with our Ancestors was only part of the equation. In order to live a fully enchanted life, we need to honor our lineage AND our legacy, our Ancestors, AND our Descendants.

There are a bunch of reasons for this but one of the best is that while our Ancestors help us understand our past and history, our Descendants prepare us to create and hold a particular vision of the future and what is possible.

If the concept of Descendant is new to you that is totally OK!

Start by making a list of who/what your Descendants might be – that’s a very good first step in building a relationship with them.

And if the idea of Descendants has you intrigued and you want to learn more, enroll in the Story Threads Autumn 2020 class – there are two weeks – 10 days of live teaching recordings, over 20 lessons including two original stories and lots of magic ceremonies and rituals to support you in your work, and a wonderful community of brilliant students.

If it sounds like something you might be interested in you can enroll directly right here or feel free to email me and I’m happy to chat about it with you!

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3 Ways to Protect Yourself from Unwanted Spirits

Learning and Community


was just putting the finishing touches on my teaching notes for the next Called to the Crossroads Community Call (it happens on Monday, 11/23 at 11 am CDT and you can still join us for that right here) and I wanted to share one more little missive on this theme of Spirit Work. spirits

So, for those of you just tuning in, I’ve been writing on this theme all month, specifically on what we can do to prevent, deal with, and navigate those rare times when we are dealing with Spirits that are troublesome.

The final part of the teaching is going to focus on some of the BEST ways we can protect ourselves, families, and homes from unwanted attention from the Spirit world. Honestly, that kind of unwanted attention doesn’t happen often, but when it does it can be so unnerving and unsettling.

Here are three of my favorite ways:

1. Placing Protective Wards and Talismans in windows and doors.

2. Regular Sacred bathing/spiritual cleansing of the home.

3. Setting out bowls of water placed in sensitive areas of the home.

These are not all of the ways you can protect yourself and your space but they are effective and can be quite useful and I’ll be talking about them (and my FAVORITE) method of protection on Monday.

No worries though if you can’t join the course right now – these three methods will most likely take any stressful spirit and soothe the situation to a point where you can decide on your next steps with clarity and discernment!

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How to Get the Most Out of A Tarot Reading

Divination and Dreams


oday I wanted to pop in and talk a little bit about how you can get the most out of a Tarot reading or really any kind of divination session.

There is nothing as frustrating as booking a reading, getting really excited about it, and then feeling like the reading was only meh.

I have had this experience myself and it is terrible – feels like a waste of time and money which is so frustrating.

So here are a few things you can do to make sure that you get the most out of a session:

1.) Have questions in mind beforehand. You don’t need to have every question written down, but if you have a general idea of what you would like to discuss then that keeps the reading on track and efficient.

2.) Make sure you know what you are signed up for. It is not so fun to go into an intuitive reading expecting to have Tarot cards thrown for you only to discover that the person is going to analyze your natal chart. Look at what people are offering and make sure that their approach is in alignment with what you want.

3.) Don’t lie to your reader. I am speaking from experience – we have seen it ALL. People tell their readers things that they would not tell a doctor, therapist, or clergyman – don’t waste our time and yours by beating around the bush.

4.) If, in whatever divination system is being called upon, there are special, personal, significant symbols that come up – let your reader know! This information can help her hone the reading and get even more specific.

5.) Don’t take everything your reader says at face value. Any divination system is an art, not science which means it is subjective and open to multiple interpretations. A good reader will give you several possibilities for what a card can “mean” and it is the work of both of you to figure out how those meanings do (or don’t) apply to your unique situation.

6.) Finally, get readings regularly! Each and every divination system is a language and we learn languages by engaging with them. I have often said that the best way to learn to read for yourself is to get readings from others and that is exactly right.

Find a reader that you trust and then get regular readings from them. Personally, I think monthly or quarterly readings are the way to go. And many readers at this time of year offer specials on bundles…like the one, I am offering here …so be on the lookout for that!

I have seen first hand that regular engagement with divination can bring about remarkable results AND help us make better choices, but Divination is a dance – and as they say, it takes two to Tango!

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The Medicine We Need

Ceremony and Ritual


e need to make sure we have all the medicine we need.”

My husband tells me this offhandedly, on his way out of the kitchen with the two boys, the screen door shutting firmly behind him. I open the cabinet, what looks for all the world like an altar to health and convenience and choices. Cough syrups and lozenges, prescription medication to manage my chronic asthma, tonics and tinctures in strange brown glass bottles sitting side by side the Tylenol and Motrin. This is, after all, the medicine cabinet of someone experienced with specialized medicines for serious chronic illness – but it is also the cabinet of a witch. I would expect some dark glass bottles and dried bundled of herbs and homemade balms and I am not disappointed.

I stare at the shelves running through the lists of things a family of four, with two active young children, might need to see them through the Winter. I know I can go to the store to pick up whatever I don’t have, but I don’t take that knowledge for granted the way that I did before Covid, before March of this year, before going to the grocery store became a fraught affair.

How to know, I wonder? How does one know what is needed? The irony of a professional diviner asking how one knows what is needed, how one knows anything really, is not lost on me. I have an answer. I wrote it down in my first book. Pay attention. That is what I have to do, what we have to do, ever and always, pay attention. I look again and wonder aloud: what is the medicine we need?

Candles flicker on the Ancestor altar and the air is full of the golden spice scent of marigolds. Soon I’ll add the sugar skulls. Soon we will write the names of the Beloved Dead on each one. There is one medicine we need, a medicine easily forgotten: the act of remembering. Remembering our Beloved Dead, our lineage of blood and choice, and all of the tangles and gorgeous colors it contains, the stories of our Ancestors.

My gaze drifts over to the charm bag that contains the first locks of hair from one of my baby’s head. We need the medicine of memory and also the medicine of possibility, of dreams, of aspirations. Those are carried in the words I write, the seeds we plant, the sparkle of a gorgeous boy’s eye when he wins the game, and the salty tears of defeat when the day was hard.

I tiptoe out into the garden under the waxing moon, sit on the wooden swing with my cup of steaming coffee and watch as the little opossum we rescued earlier this year noses about in the plants and then scurries up his favorite tree. When he was brought into the kitchen, furry body hanging out of our proud dog’s mouth, I thought for sure he was dead. Then I remembered that opossums are quite good at playing dead. Later that day I watched him move, thinking, mmm, surely his back is broken, this looks bad. A day of recuperation at our local Wildlife center, prayers to St. Francis, and now he is rummaging about the garden as if nothing happened. Resiliency then, that too is a medicine that we need to carry with us through the Winter.

This year marked my 40th birthday. I rang it in by standing in line for 4 hours so that both myself and my beloved could vote. A group of women stood behind me. They all wore black shirts with silk screened lace collars. The shirts said: “We are Ruthless” in a nod of respect to Justice Ginsburg’s recent death. They brought doughnuts to the party, knowing it would be a while before we could cast our vote. Commitment to the possibility of something better. There is medicine we need always, and with plenty of back stock.

The Full Moon is on Halloween. Every elementary school aged child’s heart swells as this undeniable, unbelievable, too perfect to be true, fact. It is proof among the dead grass, sticky caramel-kissed fingers, and October pumpkin-filled air, that magic exists. In this year of all years, that too needs to be carried forward. The magic of an October Full Moon hanging low in the sky as the goblins and ghosts come out for tricks and treats while witches wait for the new year to be ushered in.

Now I’m paying attention. Now I see what we need and I know what to do. In addition to the tried and true medicines of the body, I’ll gather up some further things: Remembering, Stories, Dreaming, Hoping, Resilience, Recovery, Commitment, Betterment, Magic. Pour them into brown glass bottles, braid them together while the leaves are still supple, make a balm with them for chapped hands and lips and souls. I’ll tuck them into the cabinets in between the pain relievers and the thermometers. Now we have the medicines we need.

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Star Stories: November 2020

Ceremony and Ritual


strology for November 2020

Note for November: The big news for this month is right at the beginning with some truly wacky election day astrology. Mercury is up to all kinds of antics on election day and it is likely that snags, delays, and cries of no fair from both sides will be in the air by the evening and the following day. Keep a cool head and stay out of the drama for the best results. Uranus and Neptune get active near the end of the month giving us all things to be thankful for!

11/1: Daylight Savings Time Begins – Fall Back!

11/3: Voting in the United States for the 2020 Presidential Election – GO VOTE!!!

11/3: Mercury square Pluto. Not the greatest astro for election day here in the US as this square can encourage harsh behavior, manipulation, and dodgy tactics on behalf of all competitors who really want to win. Secrets and lies may abound.
Ask: What is really going on?

11/3: Mercury square Saturn. More difficulties on election day because this aspect can have things grinding to a halt and even though Mercury goes direct on this day there may be technical issues that create delays or unclear results.
Ask: What does the law want us to know?

11/3: Mercury square Jupiter. Watch out for extravagant gestures and promises that cannot possibly be delivered on. At best this is an idealistic transit that shows up what is possible. At worst it is a hangover we all recover from.
Ask: Where do I need to be more moderate?

11/3: Mercury goes Direct!!!

11/8: Waning Quarter Moon at 16 degrees Leo, 7:46 AM. A reminder that this is a great time to banish:
Ask: What pride needs to be vanquished?

11/10: Mercury enters Scorpio. After it’s long retrograde Mercury returns to the lair of the Scorpion and once again our words can carry bite and sting. Mercury in Scorpio encourages us to communicate about deep and meaningful issues and we do that most effectively when we also remember to be kind.
Ask: What deep conversation am I ready to have?

11/12: Jupiter and Pluto Conjunction. This pairing occurs every 13 years. It is sometimes referred to as the “mogul” pairing and carries a lot of potential for creating deep wealth and money magic.
Ask: Where am I ready to deepen my wealth and abundance?

11/13: Mars goes Direct!!!

11/14: New Moon at 23 degrees Scorpio, 11:07 PM. Here are Four Ways to Honor the New Moon just in case you missed them:
Ask: What shadow am I ready to explore?

11/16: Venus square Jupiter. This square brings optimism, happiness, and a great benefit to those who align themselves with that energy.
Ask: What possibility am I ready to entertain?

11/17: Mercury opposed Uranus. This opposition can bring in brilliant insights and ideas but can also have your head so high up in the clouds that you forget to consider and attend to practical matters.
Ask: What brilliant insight is making itself known?

11/19: Venus square Saturn. This aspect brings about sadness, difficulties and a focus on loss. Focusing on where you lack and are not enough can go hand in hand with this astro weather as can a financial limit or set back.
Ask: Where do I need to forgive myself?

11/21: Venus enters Scorpio. When Venus enters Scorpio our sex and intimate lives become deeper and more important. This astrology can lead, on the one hand to deep healing through erotic relationships and love but on the other hand, it can lead to cray-cray obsessions and fixations that are nothing but bad news.
Ask: What intimacy am I ready to explore?

11/21: Waxing Quarter at 0 degrees Pisces, 10:45 PM. This is the perfect time to brush up on your divination practice!
Ask: What does right relationship with my intuition look and feel like?

11/21: Sun enters Sagittarius 2:40 PM
Ask: What am I able to teach?

11/23: Mercury trine Neptune. This is a gentle day when rest, dwelling on something beautiful or applying your thoughts and energy to a creative or charitable project would be a very good thing.
Ask: Where can I help?

11/27: Venus opposed to Uranus. This aspect might bring a delightful surprise when it comes to love or money.
Ask: What unexpected gift will I say yes to?

11/28: Neptune goes Direct!!!

11/30: Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse at 8 degrees Gemini, 3:30 AM. Some ideas for how to work with the Full Moon can be found here: and here:
Ask: What words matter most to me?

11/30: Lunar Eclipse at 8 degrees Gemini at 3:30 AM
Ask: What keeps me from articulating my message?    November November

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HOW Do We Honor our Ancestors?

Ceremony and Ritual


t’s the final day of our exploration into the practice of Honoring Our Ancestors and today is all about the gritty details, the HOW.

So, you know what Ancestor you want to work with, you have found an object or item that brings them to mind for you, and maybe you have set that in s specific place where it won’t be disturbed. Now, what do you do?

Here are a number of different ways that you can begin engaging with your Beloved Dead:

• Building an altar, shrine, or house for your Ancestors. This is probably the most common way to begin developing a relationship with them and it does not have to be elaborate. You can simply set out a fresh glass of water by a picture or object you associate with your Ancestor and light some incense as a way to begin.

• Offering favored foods, drinks, clothing, objects, and flowers

• Representing the Ancestor with images, their handwriting, objects they treasured in life, graveyard dirt from their grave, ashes from their body, or other personal concerns

• Keeping a clean home — it is widely agreed that the Ancestors do not like to travel to or hang out in messy, cluttered spaces.

• Working with scent/incense — many cultures agree that of the five primary senses after death only our sense of smell remains fully intact. This is why pungent flowers like marigolds are used to mark out an Ancestral altar because they have a strong fragrance. Incense may be used for the same purpose. When working with scent think of it as building a road to the altar that the Ancestors may follow

• Party at the gravesite! Bring the favorite foods and drinks of your Ancestors to their gravesite where you can sit and have dinner with them!

• In some cultures the Ancestors are understood to remain in/at the altar or shrine all the time, in which case incense may be burned as a regular offering

• Food and drink should either be consumed by the living after remaining on the altar for a set amount of time or it should be discarded

• Consider the altar space of co-creation between yourself and your Ancestors. The primary objective is to honor them but you also want to use items that please you and put you in the right frame of mind to work with them.

• DO NOT offer alcohol to Ancestors who are alcoholics. DO NOT offer chemical substances (like nicotine) to Ancestors who had an addiction to that substance.

And remember, if you are beginning to explore a relationship with your Ancestors for the first time, it is perfectly appropriate to work with ONE at the time.

Now I know that there are a lot of suggestions and directions to go in with this work. You might be feeling a bit overwhelm and when you start receiving signs and communiques from your Ancestors that may leave you feeling ALL the feels.

This is why it’s a really good idea to have a relationship with a Go-Between.

A Go-Between is literally that. A Holy Helper who mediates between one thing and another – in this case the Living and the Dead.

Developing a relationship with a Go-Between gives you a place to begin focusing on your Ancestor work and also provides an extra layer of protection to you and your household as you begin this work.

There are many different Holy Helpers that are appropriate Go-Betweens to work with and I taught at length about this practice in the first week of Story Threads – which opens for registration today! You can learn more right here.

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WHY Should We Honor our Ancestors?

Learning and Community


esterday, we talked about WHO is an Ancestor and today I want to dive into the question of WHY we would choose to work with our Ancestors at all? Why do people do this work all over the world? Well, there are reasons: honor

• First and foremost because our legacy is connected to our lineage. This means, simply put that we can’t really think or feel into our future and what is possible for us and our people, if we are not in right relationship to our past and our lineage.

• Our Ancestors often see patterns and cycles that we might miss. Here we have one of the most traditional reasons for working with and honoring our Ancestors. They were called on for Divination purposes because they have an understanding of where we are and where we are headed that far exceeds our own.

• Our Ancestors often participated in patterns and cycles that we can see once we honor them. If you are doing any self development work you have probably come across ideas like “mindset” – certain attitudes that you may have about things like romance or money or success that actually, in the long run, limit your abilities.

Mindsets are often rooted in our lineage – our Ancestors had certain experiences that were traumatic (or were not able to have certain experiences that would have been uplifting and healing), and as a result, we have inherited attitudes, stories, and perspectives that are not necessarily helpful to us. When we begin Honoring our Ancestors we begin to understand what they experienced, why we react to things the way we do, and what unique healing is available to us.

• Our Ancestors inspire us. Working with our Ancestors can give us ideas, dreams, and goals that are inspirational and aspirational. Our Ancestors love us, they want our success and happiness and often remind us of the tools and talents we have at our disposal to make and do wonderful things.

• Our Ancestors can warn us. Just as Ancestors are viewed to have a much broader and truer sense of history, they are also understood to be able to foresee events that we need to be warned about or aware of.

• Honoring our Ancestors is polite. Finally, it is simply polite and good spiritual manners to identify and honor our Beloved Dead.

After all of that, it’s a much better idea to ask why we WOULDN’T want to honor our Ancestors!

So now the obvious question is HOW. HOW do we Honor Our Ancestors? Stay tuned because tomorrow I’ll be sending out that information!

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