How to Banish Social Media Jealousy

Banish social media jealosy: Staring at someone’s social media account can sometimes trigger feelings of envy—or even despair. You might compare your life to their life—or at least, to a picture of their life—and feel inadequate. Does this ever happen to you? Or maybe you are obsessed with someone else’s numbers – the amount of likes and comments that they get. Life is too short y’all – let’s banish that nonsense!

What you will need:

Two candles that has not been used (ie burned) before. I recommend you use small birthday candles for this little rite.

A ritual anointing oil suitable for banishing or plain olive oil

A ritual anointing oil suitable for auspicious joy and happiness or plain olive oil

A clearing and blessing incense like frankincense (Dan makes my favorite).

A list of the things/people that you find yourself getting jealous of on social media.

A list of things you could be focusing on and celebrating if you weren’t so distracted by the green-eyed monster.


One candle will be used to banish the envy. The other will be worked with to call in joy and celebration.

The anointing oil suitable for banishing will be applied to the banishing candle – look for scents that incorporate ingredients such as: black pepper, cedar, pine, lemon, lemon grass, or sage.

The anointing oil suitable for auspicious joy and happiness will be worked with in your joy and celebration candle. Look for a scent that you personally just ADORE.

Frankincense is a traditional incense used for millennia to clean, clear, and bless.

Your lists provide you with focal points for this ritual.


Begin by Cultivating Calmness.

Light the frankincense

Take your list of things and/or people that you find yourself getting envious over and anoint the corners of it and center with the banishing oil then place it under the candle you are going to use for banishing those feelings.

Anoint the candle with the banishing oil or with olive oil.

Take the list of things you could be (or want to) celebrate when it comes to social media and anoint it with the auspicious oil for joy and happiness in the corners and center.

Place that list under the other candle and anoint the candle with the joy and happiness oil.

Now, take a moment to allow yourself to feel into the envy, jealousy, frustration – whatever the hard feelings are just feel them. As you do so light the candle for banishing and watch it burn all the way down. 

Right before that candle goes out, use it to light the candle for joy and celebration so that your feelings of envy are transformed into feelings of joy, celebration and appreciation. Watch until that candle burns all the way down. 

Take the remains from the banishing candle and in a fire safe container burn them down to ash. Take those ashes and scatter them at a four or three-way crossroads.

Take the remains of your joy and celebration candle and bury them next to a healthy tree in your front or back yard or in a park that you frequently visit.

Be free of envy – done!

Final act:

Celebrate a social media moment – big or small – and invite others to join in on the fun!

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