13 Questions for Uranus Retrograde


Typically when the outer planets, like Uranus go retrograde, we do not feel it in our daily lives as much (except at the exact moments they retrograde and then go direct in some cases) but their prolonged backwards turning provides an opportunity to focus on the ways a planet’s specific and individual medicine is at play in our lives.

As always, I find the best way to accomplish this is not through telling you what this planet “means” but rather giving you all questions in alignment with a specific planet’s gifts and challenges. Obviously, you can take your time with these and discover for yourself what your relationship with Uranus is or could be.

1.) What is my relationship to the heavens? (Ouranos in Greek means heaven)

2.) What does divine inspiration feel like to me? What does it look, sound, and taste like? How do I cultivate it?

3.) Is my vehicle and tech in good working order? Have I backed up the things that need to be backed up and tuned up the things that need to be tuned up?

4.) What area(s) of life need fresh vision at this time?

5.) What is my relationship to the future – my personal future as well as the global future?

6.) What messages do I send out into the world on a daily basis? Are they the messages I want to send out?

7.) What messages do I receive? How do I receive them (from people, happenstance, dreams?) and what do I do with the information?

8.) What sentimental attachment(s) am I holding onto that no longer serve?

9.) Who makes up my large community and how do I connect with them?

10.) Where does the volume need to be turned down in my life and where does it need to be pumped out full blast?

11.) Where have I recently felt like things were disrupted in a significant way? What did I learn from the disruption?

12.) What messages/understandings/insights have I received that feel essential and important but have not yet been fully woven into my life? How can I weave them in now?

13.) How do I inspire others?

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