13 Questions for Uranus Retrograde

Divination and Dreams



This one went out to the Facebook group first (you can join, you can join!) and I wanted to share it here as well. Uranus went retrograde on July 29th and is retrograde through December 29th. Typically when the outer planets go retrograde we do not feel it in our daily lives as much (except at the exact moments they retrograde and then go direct in some cases) but their prolonged backwards turning provides an opportunity to focus on the ways a planet’s specific and individual medicine is at play in our lives. As always, I find the best way to accomplish this is not through telling you what this planet “means” but rather giving you all questions in alignment with a specific planet’s gifts and challenges. Obviously, you can take your time with these and discover for yourself what your relationship with Uranus is or could be.
1.) What is my relationship to the heavens? (Ouranos in Greek means heaven)

2.) What does divine inspiration feel like to me? What does it look, sound, and taste like? How do I cultivate it?

3.) Is my vehicle and tech in good working order? Have I backed up the things that need to be backed up and tuned up the things that need to be tuned up?

4.) What area(s) of life need fresh vision at this time?

5.) What is my relationship to the future – my personal future as well as the global future?

6.) What messages do I send out into the world on a daily basis? Are they the messages I want to send out?

7.) What messages do I receive? How do I receive them (from people, happenstance, dreams?) and what do I do with the information?

8.) What sentimental attachment(s) am I holding onto that no longer serve?

9.) Who makes up my large community and how do I connect with them?

10.) Where does the volume need to be turned down in my life and where does it need to be pumped out full blast?

11.) Where have I recently felt like things were disrupted in a significant way? What did I learn from the disruption?

12.) What messages/understandings/insights have I received that feel essential and important but have not yet been fully woven into my life? How can I weave them in now?

13.) How do I inspire others?

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Daily Practice and Dancing Planets

Divination and Dreams


ear Miracles: As we usher in September I am preparing for my favorite season — Autumn — with the celebrations, the remembering of our ancestors, the magic making, and pumpkin everything! I find that September, at least after the first week when we get into the swing of school time rhythms, is a wonderful month to assess and remember where we are, what we are committed to, and what we are doing with ourselves in our sacred arts work.
To me the best place to begin this investigation is to look at our daily practices — what practices are speaking to us strongly, resonating more often than not, and what practices feel dull, lifeless, and no longer vital? Right now taking the time to ask these questions is especially appropriate because we have two potent retrogrades happening in the heavens — both Uranus and Neptune are retrograde. Uranus will be retrograde until Winter Solstice and Neptune is retrograde through November 16th.

Longtime readers know that I often say that the key to working with a retrograde rhythm is to remember to “re”. Re-member. Re-assess. Re-structure. Re-view, You get the idea. The specific planets that are in retrograde provide us with a focus for all of this “re” activity. So in the case of Neptune, the planet that is attuned most potently to memory, intuitive knowing, psychic skills, deep feeling, and powerful dreaming, we can look at our daily practices and ask about these elements. Are they absent or present? Is there a way that they can be better honored in our daily rites?

Uranus in some ways is a polar opposite of Netpune but they are both planetary forces adept at walking and working between the worlds. In the case of Uranus (whose name means “heaven” in Ancient Greek) the key idea is visionary. Whereas Neptune looks back, Uranus looks forward and asks, what is possible here, now, going forward? Mercury is often aligned with intellect and intellectual capacity as well as successful travel and skills of mediation. Some find it helpful to conceive of Uranus as Mercury writ large — so that our inner brilliance is called forth, travel takes on a deeper meaning, and we each have the opportunity to mediate between heaven and earth. When Uranus retrogrades we have the chance to look at our daily practice and ask: where is the brilliance here? What travels, what adventures am I open to at this time? What am I mediating on a daily basis? Are my ties to the celestial and terrestrial strong and sure? If not, what blessing way might help with that?

People often ask me what a daily practice looks like. Well first and foremost it is something you do DAILY. Not weekly, not monthly, not once a year when you feel like it/remember it, but daily. Because consistency is the key to deepening your sacro-magical work we want our daily practice to be accessible. If you only have ten minutes a day to dedicate to your sacred art then let’s make those ten minutes count! Everyone has a different way of creating their daily practice, but here are some key components I find helpful to keep in mind:

1.) Stillness and Silence. If there is only one thing you can do let it be this. To be still and to be quiet—even for a couple of minutes—it is like a power nap! It leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to go forward with clarity.

2.) Prayer/Blessing. Blessing our selves, our precious bodies, minds, and spirits, and blessing those we love allows us to commune with what we most revere. To expand upon this consider blessing the home in the morning when you awake and in the evening before bedtime.

3.) Communion. With your guides, your allies, the Divine, or your own inner knowing. Communion often looks like stillness and silence but it is different in feel and technique because communion is actually listening closely and carefully.

Two possible additions to make to these guidelines at this time, given the dance between Neptune and Uranus would be active imagination journeys (mediating between this world and the worlds beyond in honor of Uranus) and developing or re-developing an intuitive sacred art like tarot in honor of Neptune..

And now Miracles, it is your turn!Tell me what aspects of your daily practice are running strong and/or what snags have come up for you all.

Happy September and Happy Practice! 

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