The Best Way to handle Jupiter Retrograde

Divination and Dreams


ear Miracles, Although Mercury Retrograde tends to get all of the press, when the outer planets go retrograde the effects last longer and often go deeper.

Take Jupiter for instance: the Guru/God planet goes retrograde from time to time and the retrograde periods usually last around 4 months.

A quick re-cap for those who forgot or don’t know — Jupiter is attuned to abundance, kingdoms and kings, wealth, prosperity, festivals, and feasts. The planet rules the sign Sagittarius and is exalted in the 9th house of the zodiac.

So what happens when it retrogrades? Remember that a retrograde is the absolute best time to do any activities that begin with “re”. So…reassess, recommit, review, etc. I find that optimizing retrogrades always begins with a core question…if I can ask the right question then I can really use the time of the retrograde to increase my clarity and wisdom around it’s theme. The question for this retrograde:

What and how does abundance teach me?

Think about the role of abundance in your life, right now. What do you have enough of, not enough of, too much of? How do you feel about people/organizations/businesses that have more of what you think you want? How do those attitudes in turn reflect back into your own life?

From a ritual perspective this is the best time to lay down some strong protection on your wealth and money.

What patterns have you experienced during planetary retrogrades?

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