The Best Way to handle Jupiter Retrograde

Dear Miracles, Although Mercury Retrograde tends to get all of the press, when the outer planets go retrograde the effects last longer and often go deeper.
Take Jupiter for instance: the Guru/God planet goes retrograde every year and the retrograde periods lasts around 4 months.
A quick re-cap for those who forgot or don’t know — Jupiter is attuned to abundance, generosity, kingdoms and kings, wealth, prosperity, festivals, feasts, and wisdom The planet rules the sign Sagittarius and is exalted in the 9th house of the zodiac.

So what happens when it retrogrades? Remember that for the ancients the retrograde period of a planet was a time that the planet (and all that it represents) goes down into the Underworld. This creates an opportunity for the planet to reveal its shadow side and also for those who work with the planet’s presence to engage in inward reflection. Here is a quick glance of how we can effectively work with the Jupiter RX period as well as some suggestions about actions we may want to avoid.

Review money and finance lessons learned over the past year
Refresh your financial portfolios, losing what no longer serves or is relevant and replacing those things with updated investments
Engage in money and wealth magic
Reflect on your travels over the past year and what they taught you
Consider upcoming travels and make sure all details are taken care of
Commit to reviewing a previous course of study that spoke to you
Get in touch with a teacher or fellow learner from your past
Dedicate some time to get involved in your old alma mater
Behave in a generous manner
Protect your money, wallet, valuables, and identity
Exercise moderation in shopping, spending, and splurging
Take the time to become more financially literate

Get excessive
Be immoderate when it comes to food and drink, but especially food
Be too self-indulgent or lazy
Ignore or neglect your financial health
Engage in destructive spending
Let a position of power or authority go to your head
Be reckless with your money
Commit to disorganized travel plans
Forget to get travel insurance for all upcoming trips
Join a cult or commit to a single guru who seems to have all the answers
Get overly zealous in defending the way you think things ought to be

Jupiter is a blessing planet. In fact, it is known as the Greater Benefix, meaning it is the bestower or the best and most powerful blessings, but Jupiter’s shadow side is not to be trifled with. In the shadows we find that Jupiter can be overly excessive, bloated, laze, and dictatorial. These impulses live in all of us and we do well to spend some time considering them during the RX period.

If you are Jupiter-sensitive and concerned about the effects of the retrograde you may engage in the following acts of honoring and propitiating the God of Wisdom and Abundance:

Create or refresh your money drawing/keeping/growing altar
Add the colors royal blue or gold to your altar
Donate to an organization that supports education
Clean out your wallet
Offer dishes of red wine, olive oil, salt, and honey
Plant a Bay Laurel plant near your door way
Burn bay laurel leaf incense
Place gold objects on your altar
Learn about intelligent financial investment
Plan a meaningful trip

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