I want to live in a world where people listen to trees, really look at the stars, and care for all creatures.

A world where all voices are heard and we remember that the overlooked, unseen, and forgotten often hold the greatest knowing.

A world where kisses are deep, prayers are true, and we all strive to do our best work today because tomorrow is not guaranteed.

I want to live in a world where miracles are expected and embraced.

Where there is fierce devotion to beauty and blessedness…in ourselves and in one other.

That is my world.
Please share it with me.

The Official Bio:

When Briana was 4 years old, she discovered that miracles really do happen. She realized that a life lived in devotion to the sacred is a life lived well, and couldn’t stop writing and teaching about it (even if her first audience was a pack of very cute stuffed animals). The rest … is history.

As a writer and teacher, she’s deeply passionate about making it easier to live life in a way that is healing to self and others, whole, and holy. One client described her as “a wish come true,” while another declared her to be “the real deal with first-rate magical chops.” Her insights on the Sacred Arts, right relationship, and soulful living have been featured in Elephant Journal, Kind Over Matter, Witches and Pagans Magazine, Orion Magazine, and Amulet Magazine, and numerous radio programs around the globe.

When she’s not leading a class for the best students in the world, helping others find sovereignty, sharing soul wisdom, sending lunar letters to her tribe, or working on her next written piece , you can find her snuggled up with her husband and son, and taking long meandering walks down overgrown alleys and hedge ways. Discover the Sacred Arts and soulful living at


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