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I See the Moon: an Astro RX Special Report for all moon mavens

I See the Moon Astro RX Special Report

What would your year be like if you paid as close attention to your natural flows, rhythms, and ways as you do to your To Do List and Events Calendar?

What would change?

What would start to feel more free and fluid?

What would you start doing less of and what would you do more of?

These were some of the questions I held close to my heart years ago when I first started really paying attention to lunar phases and how they effected me personally.

The results of my experiment were so dramatic that I now plan almost everything by the moon – the phases of the moon and its location in my personal chart throughout the year have become essential pieces of information – the ones that go into my own calendar and planner before anything else.

And, in the manner that happy accidents tend to happen, I also discovered that working with the moon was one of the best ways to learn about astrology period!

Last year I created a general guide to working with the different moon phases. I was floored by the response that guide received and by the many different ways that people put the information to use.

This year I want to take it a step forward. I want to encourage you to STOP forcing yourself into schedules that do not fit and do not make sense and I want you to give yourself the gift of taking time, at least four times each month, to pay attention to where you actually are, how you actually feel, and what rhythms truly make the best sense for you in your life.

Though we can do that in a number of ways, one of the best is to start paying attention to the “planet” that sits by our side day in and day out – la luna, the moon.

I See the Moon is a comprehensive report that will cover the 48 major lunar phases occurring in 2017. You will learn about how to work with each lunar phase and learn where it occurs in your personal chart – this information will allow you to act and plan with depth and deliberation. The report also includes questions to ponder + journal on and ritual suggestions.

What are Astro RX Special Reports?

Stars. Planets. Galaxies.

They shine down on us every night, twinkling out their messages, hopes, dreams and plans; it’s high time we start listening.

I love astrology – the study and the understanding of the stars, and for a long time I paid attention to it (and laid some excellent plans in accordance with it) for myself and my family members.

Now I am really delighted to help you do the same thing. But this works a little differently than your typical astro reading.

See, while I love looking at natal charts I feel like there are already some truly gifted folks who are doing that very, very well. And I’m not a fan of reinventing the (Zodiac) wheel.

Instead I will offer, several times throughout the year something special – a report that looks at a particular transit or celestial event and then drills down into how it applies to you and your life.

There will be questions to ponder and journal on and there will be ritual suggestions because astrology is not a stand alone tradition, a member in the family of sacred arts.

No matter what the report may be focused on, I always promise to deliver it in a beautiful package and to describe the events in a way that is clear and easy to understand even for those who are brand new to the stars and the stories they tell.



What: Guide to working with the major phases of the moon each month for 2017 (48 phases in all) and customized to your particular natal chart so that you know how to work with the moon in the ways that are best for you.

Delivered: via email as a downloadable pdf

Cost: $450

Available until: October 31st, 2016

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