Aerial Expansions ~ Jupiter Into Aquarius

Below is a template for your petition for Jupiter’s sign change from Capricorn to Aquarius. Feel free to use this verbatim or to modify it to particularly express your own needs!

Blessed Jove, a luminary of luck, luxury, wealth, wisdom, benevolence, and blessing, hear my prayer!
I come to you as you enter into the aerial gates of Aquarius seeking ever deeper and greater alignment with your glory. By the names and might of my Holy Helpers (name your Holy Helpers here), by the following practical actions I (shall take/am taking/have taken) (name the actions here), I ask that you bless my vision of the future, clarifying and crystalizing it for me and showing me all ways and roads, practical and magical to create that future for myself and my loved ones.
I ask that you bless me too with community that is true and deep. Grant me clarity and wisdom to see my role(s) in all of my communities and grant me the courage to share and let my voice be heard.
I ask, blessed Jupiter, for Justice for all and that I might serve and promote peace and justice in the best possible ways. Show me those roads and show me those ways so that I might be an ally for those in need of support, protection, and uplifting.
Bless me with right relationship to technology and expansion.
Bless me with flexibility and the ability to be adaptable.
Bless me in taking my words, ideas, thoughts, and deepest brilliance to the next level that is true and good for me and mine. I ask also for a the specific blessing of: (include a specific blessing if you have one).
As the scent of ritual oil and fragrance fill the air may my words fill your spirit and as I ask may it be! (Pick the final blessing word of your choice. Amen, So it is, It is done, etc).

Fill out the petition below:

Aerial Expansions Petition