Pluto RX

Say THAT five times fast!

These days most of us feel like we could use a little or A LOT more protection. And as these things go, Pluto – that planet of creation and destruction that has been causing such a ruckus of late is about to go retrograde so some of us are feeling an even keener need for protection.

Here’s my personal take on outer planet movements – they do not affect everyone the same way. I am uniquely sensitive to Pluto’s workings because this planet was on my natal Sun at the time of my birth. But someone else might be totally unaffected by Pluto’s movements in the sky.

On a global level Pluto Retrogrades can often slow down destructive and debilitating processes but it is not a cessation of that kind of activity, rather it is a prolonging of it. On a personal level Pluto Retrogrades encourage us to review our relationship to power – our personal power, the people we give power to, and the people and places we feel take our power away.

Pluto Retrogrades also often affect those with intestine/gut disorders as this planet rules our waste elimination processes. Finally, my personal observation is that whatever you need in order to truly be in your power will be revealed to your during this retrograde period – that is always a blessing but sometimes it doesn’t feel like it in the moment! So, if those points resonate or if you are feeling particularly vulnerable then this offering is for you.

It is very simple. I am going to make a Pepper Protection Pot.
This is a variant on the kinds of hot foot jars we find in the Conjure folk magic tradition but instead of being created with an intention to banish someone or get them away from us, this sacred vessel calls on the power of spice and heat to protect us in our time of need.

Pluto has the ouch and follow up cleansing resonance we find with many peppers and the sacred vessel is perfect given the fact that Pluto is in Capricorn (an earth sign attuned to earthy containers).

Thank you!

Thank you for participating in the Pluto Retrograde Protection Pepper Pot! Please send in your petitions here!