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What is Astrology?

Of course every culture through time has had their own astrology and star-lore — for our own planet is cradled in stars and the celestial bodies were once believed to sing all beings on earth into slumber, action, love, war-making, and wisdom — some of us believe such songs may still be heard. It only makes sense that we would cast our eyes up to the starry vault of heaven for guidance and inspiration, as our ancestors did before us and as their ancestors did before them.

In old sacro-magical traditions every plant, animal, stone, and star was seen as having it’s own “virtue”, meaning that each object had a specific and unique nature. So it was that the planets were never simply seen as a series of luminous bodies some greater and some smaller, but rather, in our Western tradition, Mercury was the alchemists quicksilver, banner holder of ideas, intellectual pursuits, communication, and walker between the worlds who stood at the threshold or the crossroads and kept the secrets of magic. Likewise, luminous Venus held court with all lovers and would-be lovers inviting them all into her lovely and well appointed bed chamber.

Understanding astrology in this way allows us to consider the whole — specifically the whole life of any one person — and recognize that our lives and our virtues can be seen most clearly through a veil of stars and celestial bodies. Such an understanding is still available to us today.
When I analyze a client’s natal chart, write about current astrological events {link to astrology tag in blog} or teach astrology classes {link to star magic}, I find that there are two significant barriers in relating to and gleaning wisdom from the sacred art of astrology. The first is that for far too long astrology has been weighed down by the double evil of inaccessible jargon and fatalism. The second is that many people are turned off by the various symbols of astrology and the perception that one must be mathematically inclined to derive anything of use from the stars. In the first case of inaccessible jargon and fatalism there is much truth — old astrological texts are full of obscure references and even more modern books are rife with terms like “sextile” and “conjunct” that definitely can leave the would-be student feeling like they know LESS about the planets or zodiac sign than they did when they started. And for sure I have talked to many sun-sign Librans who are tired of being told that they are indecisive and sun sign Scorpios who have a decidedly sunny outlook on life despite their supposed dark and brooding characteristics.

The second complaint, that of the symbolism and mathematical nature of astrology is largely without grounds. There are thirty one symbols that the interested astrologer needs to learn — the twelve zodiac signs and the nine planetary glyphs — that gives anyone a firm foundation in the art of astrology. As for mathematics, a certain kind of computational skill was required for the old art of astrology, but with so many excellent programs out there now for chart casting, the computation is something that the beginner can learn if they want to, but by no means do they have to.

Here is what it is essential to understand about astrology as I practice and teach it: the zodiac signs, the planets, and the 12 houses of the zodiac wheel do not make us do/feel/act in any particular manner — rather the stars, planets, and asteroids serve as a celestial wisdom council. This council is uniquely arranged for every individual on the planet so the lessons, challenges, and soul knowing for each of us is also different. However, once we learn to speak with and listen to this wisdom council we can live a deeper life that is full of more meaning and beauty. And that is the reason we practice astrology.

Mercury Rx Survival Kit

It’s that time of year again, when bright and brilliant planet Mercury appears to go backwards in his heavenly orbit; it’s time for the Mercury RX Survival Kit!

COST: $130

DELIVERY VIA: email and pdf

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The next Mercury Retrograde occurs from March 5th – March 28th, in the sign of Pisces.

When Mercury Retrogrades in the Pisces we are invited to go deep. What needs to be healed? What needs to be created and made? What needs to be revealed? There is nothing shallow or surface about this particular RX experience.Working with our dreams, increasing or beginning to develop our psychic abilities, committing to or re-assessing our spiritual practices and beliefs, making and re-making great art, and tapping into deep wells of unconditional love for ourselves and each other.

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Star Stories

Astro Rx Special Reports

What stories are you ready to write in 2019? What stories are you ready to conclude? What stories are you ready to tell?

When I teach astrology I often talk about it in terms of story because that is what astrology is really the study of: part of your story, described by the stars and planets and the completely unique way they relate to you.

Obviously no two stories are alike. And, given the fact that the heavens are always moving, you can know that your stories are also ever-changing and evolving.

At the same time there are themes that we are all invited to explore in both universal and deeply personal terms. These themes are described by the transits and movements of the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto) throughout our charts and the sky. And every year those outer planets shift, lighting up a different area of charts and our lives.

WHAT: Each Star Stories Report includes:

A copy of your natal chart
Your astrological compass points and strongest asset
General descriptions of the major transits next year + what to expect
Specific descriptions about the major transits and how they will interact with your chart and life
Dates to circle-star in your calendar
Questions to consider, discuss, and journal on
Ritual Magic to make (because stars and magic go together like marshmallows and hot chocolate).

DELIVERED: via email as a downloadable pdf

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Star Power Bundle

For my star gazers and star magic makers, I am offering a very special bundle for the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 ~ Available beginning September 28th 2018.

This bundle includes everything you need to get off on the right astrological foot as we bid adieu to the old year and welcome in the new.

The 2019 Book of Hours – the Sacred Arts moon phase-based planner that contains all essential astrological information, gorgeous illustrations by Cassandra Oswald, dates for Feast Days for the Radically Reverent, New Moon Blessings, and more. $24

The Mercury RX Survival Kit – Mercury RX begins on November 16th. Snag this personalized report so that you are ready for everything that the swift-footed God and speedy little planet might bring your way! Includes the Mercury Rx community ritual and devotional candle. (Delivery by December 3rd) $130

Star Stories 2019 – a detailed report about your 2019 astro-transits, including dates to note for 2019, your astrological compass points, prompts to consider, and ritual magic to make. Delivered by December 1st $500

WHAT: The 2019 Book of Hours, The Mercury RX Survival Kit, and your 2019 Star Story Report

DELIVERED: via email as a downloadable pdf

COST: $700 – save $50! MTS, SG, and Star Magic students – use your discount code at check out for $200 off!

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Star Power