August means roasting green chiles, hot and dry wind, and back to school for many of our children.

My own feelings as I send my guys back to school are complicated. Both of my boys are excited to get back into the classroom. My youngest is going to school for all five days a week and he could not be more excited! My oldest is headed into MIDDLE SCHOOL at a 6th grader, which means that this is the beginning of a whole new era!

I’m so excited for them and, riding right alongside all of the usual worries – will they have good teachers, will they make and be good friends, will they excel and learn and grow – are the new worries – do they know what to do in case of an active shooter on their campus, has the school’s lock down preparedness been vetted, are at risk children receiving the support that they need?

It is a tenuous and tender time to be a parent, guardian, or primary care-giver of the children in our lives.

And why not call on magic to give us a little extra boost and support?

Back to School Sugar JarThat’s what I always do, and I thought I would share what my Back to School magic protocol looks like:

First, I start with this prayer for the protection of children, which I wrote after the Sandy Hook shootings. I pray it over both of my boys

Then, I look at the astrology – and I use my own book Star Child as a reference, to see if my kids are going to have to deal with any crazy astro weather!

Next, every year I create Back to School sugar jars for my kiddos. These sacred vessels are chock full of the natural ingredients that foster academic success, a sense of social belonging, and of course protection.

I also always create a special Back to School devotional candle for each of my boys as they get ready to go off to school on that first day. This devotional candle contains a special blend of oils, herbs, and minerals that ensure my babies can shine bright and be protected from within and without.

I find that these little magics can be incredibly nourishing and supportive…not just for my children…but also for me, their mom, their dad, and their extended family.

This year, you can get in on the Mom Magic below. Snag the Back to School sugar jar (and save $100!), the Back to School Devotional Candle, or both, right down below.

I’ll be working these magics on behalf of our community on the New Moon of August 23rd, so if you want in on the goods, you have until midnight, central time, on August 21st to submit your order!

We are sorry but this offering is no longer available.