Bloom Where You are Planted



ear Miracles: I had a nice post about the equinox and resurrection planned for today and then things happen as they do and my schedule was dramatically re-organized after a five minute phone call. I shifted my day, my appointments, and most importantly of all, my attitude–and had a truly blessed day with my little one.

When we talk about the equinox one word gets bandied more than any other…balance. As a mom, sacred artist, counselor, helper in so many ways, business owner, wife, daughter, and sister I find that there are so many roles to bring into equilibrium these days, don’t you agree? As a result, balance…what it means, what it looks like, what it feels like is something that I consider more than ever before. And what I have found is that adaptability, flexibility, the ability to shift, are all essential to true balance. Being able to make a plan for the day…and then scrap that plan when something or someone throws a wrench in it–that ability to morph, change, and transform at a moment’s notice is key in motherhood and in business.

During equinoctial times we are invited to shift perspective-to stand on one foot–or our heads–to look at situations/people/opportunities from new and fresh angles. I think we are also invited to consider that wherever we are is exactly where we are meant to me. So if it seems like you are stuck, thwarted, or severely challenged by the externals around you–be they people, places, or things, I invite you to stand on one foot, make like the Hanged Man tarot card and go upside down-shift your perspective and ask this question: what has this difficult person, place, thing, situation provided me with that I would never have learned elsewhere?

Not one of us is gifted with the perfect external circumstances at all times. And if we were it wouldn’t be a gift. Our challenge is not to bloom, be brilliant and beautiful, smart and savvy when times are good and all is easy–the challenge is to bloom vigorously wherever you are planted.


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