Creative Sigh.

The words come from a prayer-spell written by Ceremonial Magician Elphias Levi who lived from 1810 – 1875.

The prayer is still worked with in Ceremonial lodges today and is most often part of the ritual involved in conjuring Elementals into sacred space. But I think there is more/something different to it than that.

Here is the prayer-spell in whole:

Spirit of Light, Spirit of Wisdom, Whose breath giveth forth and withdraweth the form of all living things; Thou before Whom the life of beings is; but a shadow which changeth and a vapour which passeth;

Thou who mountest upon the clouds, and walketh upon the wings of the wind; Thou who breathest forth and endless space is peopled;

Thou who drawest in thy breath and all that cometh from Thee, returneth unto Thee; ceaseless movement in eternal stability, be Thou eternally blessed!

We praise Thee, we bless Thee in the changing empire of created light, of shades, of reflections and images; and we aspire without cessation unto Thy immutable and imperishable brilliance.

Let the ray of Thine intelligence and the warmth of Thy love penetrate even unto us; then that which is volatile shall be fixed, the shadow shall be a body, the spirit of the air shall be a soul, the dream be a thought.

And no longer shall we be swept away by the tempest, but shall hold the bridles of the winged steeds of the Dawn, and we shall direct the course of the evening breeze to fly before Thee.

O Spirit of Spirits, O eternal Soul of Souls, O imperishable Breath of life, O Creative Sigh, O Mouth which breathest forth and withdrawest the life of all beings; in the flux and reflux, ebb and flow of  Thine Eternal Word, which is; the Divine Ocean of Movement and of Truth! Amen.


When I read through these words or speak them aloud I feel that I am being given some inner teaching about what it means and what is required to take something from a place of creative vision into concrete reality.

I know this is a struggle, perhaps THE struggle, for so many.

So I was called to create a space where that struggle can be met…and navigated, together…a place for our Creative Sigh.


How it works:

We meet once a week on Thursdays at 10:30 am cdt via Zoom.

Not for teaching or lecturing or even for talking…but for DOING and MAKING and CREATING the work that calls to your soul.

The work you know you need to be DOING, MAKING, and CREATING.

We will begin each session with an OPTIONAL check-in. You can share aspects of your work if you want. Then we engage in Acts of Intention work for the week.

By 11am cdt we are in our working space.

There can be light conversation if we want that…but I’m not teaching and I’m not facilitating…I’m there to do my work too!

You pay $50 a month and have access to every single meeting.

Why is there a cost? If you’ve been in my world for a while, you know that I rarely (never) talk about why I price things the way I do – the price is the price and it works for you or it doesn’t. But I do feel a note for Creative Sigh is needed because you might be wondering…what, exactly am I paying for?

Well…I could say you are paying for my time in organizing and doing the logistics for the group. (Fair)

But the truth is…you are INVESTING in yourself. When you make a financial commitment to something it becomes easier to make an emotional and logistical commitment to it as well. And that’s what this space is about…COMMITMENT.

It is time to Make Space for Your Creative Work

All too often when we think about Creativity, we think in terms of grind culture, gotta get it, do it, make it, show it, etc, etc.

This prayer suggests a different way: breathe into it, open to it, relax with a long sigh…and make the work of your heart.

And that’s exactly what we aim to do, together.

Ready to join me?

Use the form below to register. Once your registration is set and payment has been processed you will be added to the Creative Sigh email list…I’ll send out a reminder email each week with our zoom call in info.

  • Monthly payments of $50


Bri: Thank you so much. When I signed up for creative sigh, I had no idea I would be getting a wonderful, insightful, right-on friend, mentor, and coach, as well.
~ Nancy
This has been tremendously helpful! And I love that our meetings take place during Jupiter hour on Jupiter day…