Current Clear ~ Saturn in Aquarius

Both Saturn and Aquarius are huge Holy Helpers who support us in doing significant magical work.
Saturn brings the clarity through discipline, focus, and deep support in gaining mastery. (This last part includes knowing how and where to seek out actual masters AND opportunities to learn mastery as well as the ability to actually BECOME a master in the best possible way and hold that mojo beautifully – instead of having it leave you a scrambled and scattered mess).
And Aquarius brings the currents. These are air and water currents, currents of story and song, currents of lineage and magic that run through our lives. Aquarius connects us to all of them and is there to support us as we decide which currents to electrify and amplify and which currents are no longer needed or desired.
Clarity around: PURPOSE, RESOURCE, HEALTH, PROTECTION, MONEY, LOVE, WORDS, WRITING, CONNECTING, SERVICE, SOVEREIGNTY. Those are some of the areas that this work will speak to and there are many others.
This is especially potent work for people who feel unclear, scattered, diffused or energetically zapped because as we clarify the currents we also bring them together, so that they form a community and actually talk and learn from each other – imagine that!
This offering includes: 
Daily Incense* Offering on behalf of all participants
What you need to know:
This is an ONGOING ceremony meaning that I will do devotional work on behalf of ALL participants throughout Saturn’s time in Aquarius.
*Specifically I am burning a home made and hand crafted incense blend that contains Plant Holy Helpers that are resonant with Saturn and Aquarius including: Black Storax, Henbane, an exotic orchid species, and pieces of actual lightening. This blend will be made and consecrated at ritually specific times and then offered up to these two Holy Helpers every day that Saturn is in Aquarius – that alone is over 2 years worth of work but we add to it because this entire part of the ceremony takes place over a cauldron that contains all participants petitions. And yes, you can update/tweak your petitions as needed.
What This Can Do for You:
Current Clear is exactly what is says it is – an opportunity to align with the unique magic that is Saturn in Aquarius and get clear on the currents that run through your life AND create clarity in the currents running through your life.
This is part of the services included in your Fixed Stars Society membership, all you need to do to participate is send in your petition below: