Deep Ocean Healing Vessels


This is one of those moments where I am feeling really pushed by my Holy Helpers to make this offering available even though I was not planning on making anything else available…so I know its not for everyone, but it might be for YOU.

I am headed to the beach for my annual Easter celebration which coincides with a Full Moon in Libra.

And I am getting a strong NUDGE that I need to make some Deep Ocean Healing Sacred Vessels while I am there.

These are sacred vessels that will include magical ocean water, shells and other beach finds, and a blend of healing herbs. The overarching intention is for these vessels to repair your relationship to your blessed body as well as your physical, mental, and emotional health. 

They will be made over the weekend and worked for one month at which point you will have the option to renew the working or to have me ritually dispose of it.

Price: $150.00


If you know that this is for you then click here to purchase. These are $150 and once your purchase is completed you will be directed to the Ongoing Altar Work page where you may send in your petition directly in the form at the bottom of that page.
Make sure to send me your petition as well.

Oceans of love,