Hola, Miracles, Define your End Game

End Game: We are often told that it is the journey and not the destination that matters.

And our journeys do matter, absolutely; but they are NOT the only thing that matters and so if you are feeling more lost than enlightened in the woods asking the following may be of use:

Why do I do what I do?

The ancient Greeks’ had a word, telos.

One translation: “for the sake of which”, as in, “I do this work for the sake of…” and of course you are the one who fills in the blank.

Maybe you do your work for the money, for love, for family, for bread on the table and flowers in the garden.

Many of us do our work because we felt called to offer up a specific gift, to be of service in a particular way.

The point being that you get to define your rightful work, the work of your heart, and the act of defining and articulating that work — clearly and specifically — to yourself and to others is an act that carries with it momentous medicine for tired souls and worn spirits.

Some argue that clearly stating where you desire to end up, where you would like to arrive, does not allow for maximum creativity and flow. I think that because our destinations can and often do change, we have encouraged a culture where we often try to forget about them all together.

We focus on process in part because process has been ignored during times in our collective history and in part because process is where most of us stay for a long time, the journey is where the work is done and because of this, it is a bright and vital part of our experience.

But this forgetting of our end, our final destination, is a deadly forgetting.

Knowing why you do what you do allows you to do it with more grace, beauty, and integrity.

Your journey is enriched when your destination is known.

Sacred Artists of all stripes know that magic begins with clear intention, a wise petition, a heartfelt prayer…and each of those things contain the seed of the destination, that which through one’s art and magic might manifest.

So…today my petition for you is to define your end game and remember, your words carry the magic that moves you forward.


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