Devotional Candles

Candles are magical.
From the striking of the match and the lighting of the wick to the incandescent glow of flame casting light on hope, faith, reverence, dreams, and all that we hold dear — candles point the way.

And we know that as the candles burn our intentions are heard and the obstacles barring our path fall away like so much melted wax.

Spinning Gold

Lunar Lights 2024

Throughout the years of burning thousands of candles for people for all kinds of situations, I have noticed that individuals who commit to a consistent devotional candle practice get the best results.

By far.

And I like working with people who are fully invested in getting the results they are after. So the candle service I offer is different from many others.

Once a month, on every Full Moon, I dress your candle with a custom blend of herbs, roots, minerals, and ritually prepared oils, bless your candle, and then set it to burn without interruption in my custom candle houses.

How it works:

Once you enroll in the Lunar Lights service you will be added to the Lunar Lights email list. Each month you will receive an email with pertinent information about the upcoming Full Moon and an invitation to submit your petition for that month’s candle.

Sometimes my clients are too busy so they send me a bullet pointed checklist of what they are going after and have me craft the petition for them – which I love to do.

Most of the time though clients really appreciate the practice of taking a few moments to sit down and get clear on their hopes and dreams for the next month.

The petitions are received and then the candles are dressed with herbs and roots (most of which I have grown myself), anointing oils (most of which I blend myself), and glitter, because…glitter!

Then the candles are blessed and finally, they are set and allowed to burn undisturbed in my custom candle houses.

After the candles have finished burning I recycle them and we begin the process again. I do not issue written or verbal reports UNLESS there are some unique considerations with the way a candle burns that I want my client to be aware of.

Who is it right for?

Traditionally devotional candles are lit for a wide variety of purposes including:

Prosperity: for individuals, families, homes, and businesses

Blessing: of homes or spaces, individuals, new children, animals, land, and creative or business ventures

Matters of the Heart: including love and marriage, reconciliation, and drawing the right partner to your side

Healing: of body, mind, or spirit as well as healing of a specific place or land, or beloved animals

The clients who take advantage of this service really become extended family over the year(s) that we work together and they come from all walks of life.

Some are moms and wives wanting to bless their family members and keep peace in the home. Others are high-achieving businessmen and women who have specific professional goals they seek to accomplish each month.

Many are artists, New York Times Best-selling authors, and creatives seeking to infuse their work and life with a little more magic. While others are activists looking to maintain their energy and vitality.

What all of my clients have in common (besides me loving them!) is their understanding that magic works when we do.

Devotional Candles: Purchase - 6 month special

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WHAT: 12 6 months of Lunar Lights

COST: $600 $300

REGISTRATION: Closes on June 20th at 12:00pm Noon central time.