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September 19th and 20th (Wednesday and Thursday)

9am – 2pm central time

Diagnostic Tarot is currently closed for registration. Make sure you are subscribed to out email list to find out when it next opens!


“I loved learning how to read the tarot cards from a ritualistic standpoint, and getting suggestions on different rituals to use. The class felt very intimate and you don’t really see that with a lot of other programs. Students can get buried in so many people piping in on the call, where their own questions are never answered. Also, so many other online classes allow the students to all be open mic, so you get all of this background noise and people talking, which can be distracting to hearing the lecture. So, I really enjoyed how everyone was on mute until the Q+A portions. It kept it professional and clean but most of all an enjoyable listening and learning experience.”

–Zuri E.

“I loved Diagnostic Tarot! I love this structure for the class because Bri’s voice is extremely pleasant to listen to: no nodding off during lecture here! There was a beautiful balance between question time and lecture time, and I especially appreciated that we had question/sharing time both at the beginning and end of class: it meant that question time didn’t drag on too long at any given time. The workbook was very clear and well-structured too. I especially appreciated for Further Development Tasks, and the evergreen quality: I can tell this is a resource I will continue to consult for years to come.”

–Paige Z.

“I loved just about everything! The classes covered a lot of material, and the pdfs reiterated and expanded on all the points so that I could study them any time. I also loved how packed they were with extra links and information. I LOVE extra links and information! They were a pretty special treat because you managed to back up all of your information with practical and actionable articles and magical recipes. I really appreciate your up front, down to earth eclectic approach, and the fact that you are so generous with your knowledge. Even though it seems like every time you say something, I realize how much I have to learn, the way you put it makes me absolutely certain that I am capable of doing so.”

–Elle V.