Earth and Angels

For the first time in a long time I am returning to my home away from home, Santa Fe. Those of you who have been with me awhile may recall that Santa Fe, while being known as an IT spot in New Age circles, is actually full of very old magic.

Two of the city’s most magical places are the San Miguel Church, the oldest church in the United States of America and the Sanctuario de Guadalupe, the oldest Sanctuary to Our Lady Guadalupe in the country.

While I’m in town I’ll be making (socially distanced and Covid safe) pilgrimages to both of these sites. As always I am honored and privileged to carry your intentions and prayers with me to one or both sites.

Though Saint Francis is the official Patron saint of Santa Fe, Archangel Michael and Our Lady of Guadalupe are the unofficial dynamic duo blessing this place and much of the Southwestern US. They have very different but also complimentary energies, one of which reaches back into the Old World and the most ancient stories about Angels, the other which roots us deeply into the New World and the magic found here. For more on Archangel Michael please read this article and for more on our Lady of Guadalupe please go here.

If you are looking to increase your strength, in need of protection, blessing, safety, are searching for justice, fairness, equal treatment, and/or a deeper alignment with your own inner will, then Archangel Michael is for you. If you are serving in the military, police force, or fire department then Archangel Michael is also for you. If you are a woman who has left or needs to leave an abusive relationship, find safety, and have your children shielded by the strongest wings possible then Archangel Michael is here for you. And if you are part of any dispossessed minority that is not receiving equal and fair treatment then Archangel Michael stands for you.

If you are looking to bless your home, family, children, and/or marriage then Our Lady of Guadalupe is for you. If you are working with the earth or to protect lands, to find your right place, or to grow a garden Our Lady is here for you. If you are engaged in the deep working of healing past and current hurts and traumas, in need of unceasing and unconditional love and acceptance, repairing Mother wounds, or (re)learning to mother yourself/others then Our Lady is here for you. If you have lost someone and are not sure how you can continue without them then La Senora stands for and with you.

Each candle is dressed with a combination of oils, herbs, roots, and minerals that is appropriate for the Holy Helper. Your petition is affixed to the candle and then they are left to burn undisturbed in the sanctuary.

Orders close on March 3rd at midnight central time.

Earth and Angels

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