Eclipse Magic

Spring 2023 Eclipse Season

The Eclipses we are working with during this
round of Eclipse Magic are:

4/19: Solar Eclipse at 29 degrees Aries at 11:21 PM

5/15: Lunar Eclipse at 14 degrees Scorpio at 12:34 PM

All times are central time.

When the Solar Eclipse occurs in Aries, the interruption is one of action. Our ability to take action, make a decision, pursue a specific project are all put on pause during this moment.

Our attitudes about our physical appearance, level of fitness, energy, and the way that we start, begin, and initiate…projects, relationships, and experiences…are all ready to be examined, considered, and sorted through.

This is a sacred pause and a moment that encourages something Aries Natives have a hard time with – stillness. But it is a proactive stillness that allows us to get to the heart of the gifts of Aries and determine for ourselves how we want to show up and what patterns need to be interrupted and abolished in order for us to show up fully.

The story of Scorpio is a high drama containing sex, violence, power, money, and deep healing. No matter where Scorpio may be in your own chart (and yes, it is there somewhere) you have connections to some of these themes like we all do.

During this Lunar Eclipse you have the opportunity to look at those connections and also to ask what might need to be dissolved and
released at this time.

Scorpio tends to hold onto things in its little pincers…and those of us influenced by Scorpio can do the same…understanding that letting go and releasing is sometimes the strongest ( and bravest!) act will help you get the most out of this moment!

The Spring 2023 Eclipse Magic Ceremony Includes:

A devotional candle that is dressed with my personal blend of ritual oils that support us in seeing, facing, and breaking patterns.

The Fire to Ash Ceremony (for honoring the Solar Eclipse): This is a ceremony that calls on the powerful element of fire in alignment with the pattern breaking most appropriate for the energy of the Solar Eclipse.

I take your petition, inscribe it on a piece of paper that has been magically crafted with super specific herbs, resins, and oils (that are actually in the paper) and treated to burn in a very specific way, and then, at the exact moment of the eclipse, all petition papers are lit.

The ashes from these papers fly up into the sky and then fall back down to Earth. I scry in the ashes for any portents and signs that you need to be aware of and will contact you via email with any observations.

The Water to Roots Rite (for honoring the Lunar Eclipse): The Water to Roots ceremony calls on the deep element of Water, best aligned with the energies of the Lunar Eclipse.

For this ceremony I write your petition on another magical piece of paper, also infused with herbs, oils, and resins that are specific to this lunar working and then treated so that it completely dissolves when placed in water.

The waters worked with come from one of the 5 sacred springs in the state of Texas and are blended with waters that have been sent to me by students and clients from sacred wells and springs around the world. The water is blessed, petition paper dissolved at the moment of the lunar eclipse, and then the potion is left out overnight and then offered up to my moon garden the following day.

The Eclipse Magic Workbook with Questions, Themes, Prompts and Petitions specific to each Eclipse

What is Eclipse Magic?

In August of 2017 I decided to create a special Eclipse Season Ceremony – it was an experiment where I applied my understanding of eclipses…that eclipses are for breaking patterns to some intentional magic making and I invited five folks to join me for a beta run.

The results have been spectacular.

Of course they have. It makes a ton of sense: eclipses are celestial phenomena that turn the regular cycles and patterns of the heavens on their heads at least for a little while.

This eclipse medicine is unique and can be applied to our own life as well.

Eclipse magic is exclusively available to members of the Fixed Stars Society.