Eclipse Magic

Magic for Breaking Patterns.

The Eclipse we are working with is:

4/8: Solar Eclipse at 19 degrees Aries at 1:21 PM

All times are central time.

All About Eclipse Magic

Solar Eclipse in Aries

When the Solar Eclipse occurs in Aries, the interruption is one of action.

Our ability to take action, make a decision, pursue a specific project are all put on pause during this moment.

Our attitudes about our physical appearance, level of fitness, energy, and the way that we start, begin, and initiate…projects, relationships, and experiences…are all ready to be examined, considered, and sorted through.

This is a sacred pause and a moment that encourages something Aries Natives have a hard time with – stillness. But it is a proactive stillness that allows us to get to the heart of the gifts of Aries and determine for ourselves how we want to show up and what patterns need to be interrupted and abolished in order for us to show up fully.


The Spring 2024 Eclipse Magic Full Ceremony Is Only Available to members of the Fixed Stars Society…but if you want to make a little magic I’ve got you covered with my special Eclipse Magic devotional candles

 These devotional candles are specially formulated to align with with magic of the Solar Eclipse and aid and support you in BREAKING patterns, disrupting problematic behaviors, and saying good bye to no longer useful routines.


What: Eclipse Magic Devotional Candles: Dressed, Blessed, and Set on 4/8 – the day of the Solar Eclipse

Deadline to Register: 4/6 at 6:00pm central time

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