Eclipse Magic

In August of 2017 I decided to create a special Eclipse Season Ceremony – it was an experiment where I applied my understanding of eclipses…that eclipses are for breaking patterns to some intentional magic making and I invited five folks to join me for a beta run.

The results have been spectacular.

Of course they have. It makes a ton of sense: eclipses are celestial phenomena that turn the regular cycles and patterns of the heavens on their heads at least for a little while.

This eclipse medicine is unique and can be applied to our own life as well.

So, as I like to do with all successful magic, I want to open this offering up and out to all of you, thus the Eclipse Magic Service is born!

Winter 2018 Eclipse Season

The first pair of Eclipses we can work with this year is the Full Lunar Eclipse occurring at the end of January in Leo followed by the partial Solar Eclipse in mid-February occurring in Aquarius.

In Astrology Leo – Aquarius are opposite signs, meaning that each possesses something that the other needs.

If you are interested in addressing or breaking patterns around any of the following:

  • Fitness and health
  • Luxury
  • Self-care
  • Style
  • Intimacy
  • Fun
  • Creativity
  • Refining your message
  • Developing a platform or audience
  • Sharing your work with greater and greater numbers of people
  • Romance
  • Accessing your deep brilliance
  • Being too rigid or inflexible
  • Sense of Legacy
  • Technological know-how
  • Time spent online
  • Community formation and participation

Then this offering is ideal for you. If you are working on breaking ANY long term pattern, belief, story, addiction, or behavior then Eclipse Season is always a time you want to keep in mind as optimal for magic making.

Because we are working with a pair of Eclipses we will have two Fire and Ash ceremonies – the first will focus on acknowledging and releasing unhelpful emotions and the second on unhelpful thoughts and actions.


How it works:

Eclipse Magic is a five part process:
You will send in a petition for the special Eclipse Magic Fire and Ash ceremony.

I light a devotional candle for you immediately to support you as you go deeply into your Eclipse work (note: there are no candle reports for these candles).

Next, I will perform the Fire and Ash ceremony – if we are working with one eclipse then there is one ceremony, if we are working with a pair (as we usually do) then there are two. These ceremonies are performed at the exact time of the Eclipse.

After both ceremonies are over you will receive a report telling you how it went as well as a divination on the ritual work and what next steps might best support you.

During the course of the Eclipse you will also receive an email full of prompts from me for you to work with and through during the Eclipse Season so that you are fully aligned with the Celestial magic!

What: Each Eclipse Magic service includes

Devotional Candle
Fire and Ash Ceremony
Ritual Report and Divination
Prompts to work with during Eclipse Season

Delivered: via email

Cost: $250

Registration deadline: January 29th, 2018 at 12 noon.

Registration is now closed.