ear Miracles: Today I wanted to write about doubt, but I decided to start with the end point in mind. We doubt because, fundamentally, we sometimes expect, shrinkingly anticipate, & always fear…failure. Knowing the why behind the what does not necessarily fix anything–but it does give us some insight into our motivations & our resulting actions.The best way to begin acknowledging & conquering doubt? Accept the following:

Failure IS an option. Failure can devastate, leaving you hollowed out. Failure can be your BEST FRIEND & Mentor–it can save your ass. It often will do both at the same time.

Options are good-they give you flexibility and the space to determine what is most appropriate for this specific moment. I was inspired to write this post because last week I got a flurry of emails that basically all started with…what if.

What if my work doesn’t manifest the way I want it to? It may not-you may be very thankful that it doesn’t.

What if I am going about this the wrong way? Talk to a friend, a mentor, an intuitive and make sure you aren’t.

What if I fail? You will. Me too. We will stand up, dust off our jeans, and go back to work.

So with this in mind, let’s circle back to doubt. Doubt can be useful too–but when it comes to big projects, life goals, and ritual creation, doubt is a killjoy & source of much useless anxiety. In ritual work doubt takes up space and wastes time. There is a saying in some strains of folk magic–especially for those where the setting of candles or lights is emphasized–which is: set it & forget it. That terse imperative hearkens in Doubt’s opposite twin–Faith.

In spiritual matters Faith carries the day. She also often does the heavy listing in all matters practical from money and business to love and babies. I am often asked by clients if there is anything they can do while I am lighting their candles, making their charm packets, carrying their hopes and dreams on a prayer into the greater world.

My answer is-have Faith.

Have faith that the best outcome for all involved will prevail.

Have faith that you know what you want-and that it might just also be what you need.

Have faith that there is a force greater than you at play-it has carried you this far, trust it.

Have faith, real faith, that life will give you more than you ask for, love will deliver more beautifully than you could have ever expected. The blessings will pour down in abundance. Even if you are struggling from paycheck to paycheck-or have no paycheck to speak of. Even if you are alone and feel like love is for other, luckier people. Even when doubt is sitting right on your chest like a leaden anchor.

Conjure up your Faith, acknowledge the real possibility of failure. Expect the impossible. Banish your doubt.

And get to work already.


photo of Christ’s Church in Jerusalem by trilli bagus




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