Here Be Dragons Community Ceremony Petition

Dear Soulful Seekers~ Yay for community magic making! Use the form below to send in your petition for this ceremony.
  • This Ceremony is ideal for those who: Need to sharpen their focus and get to work on what really matters; Are ready to improve/support their physical health - including finding the right health practitioners, nutrition programs, and exercise regimes; Feel that the time is now to define, align, and act from the most essential parts of their lives; Want to reset their daily practices and get more out of them Yearn to fill their lives with more beauty, more altars, and more devotion; Want to support/improve the work that they do in the world - including getting the promotion, making the deal, and earning more money in the process; Feel like they need help with time management and/or procrastination; Are ready to get organized, cleaned up, and re-structured in a specific area; Wish to honor the good, green, Earth