Here Be Dragons

“People who deny the existence of dragons are often eaten by dragons. From within.” ~ Ursula K. Le Guin

Upcoming Ceremony on 9/20:
Here Be Dragons Full Moon in Pisces


So, after a couple of months of lots of air and lots of fire and lots of whoosh!!! It is time to return to our tenderness with the Full Moon in Pisces. This is a gentle moon that encourages reflection, self-care, and deep dreaming after all of the drama of last month. Mercury is now direct and under this moon’s light, the quieter resonances (and aftershocks from the eclipse) may be explored.

This Ceremony is ideal for those who:

  • Wish to remember and engage fully with their night dreams
  • Desire to restore their ability to see with the inner eyes and deepen their divination skills
  • Are in need of healing, soothing, and calming on all levels (mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual)
  • Would like to infuse their artistry with depth, scope, and range
  • Yearn for more kindness, time, and love for self and others
  • Bless and honor their magical, in-between natures
  • Want to see clearly and bid adieu to any illusions or delusions that keep us trapped and held back

We will have another blessing litany to say together during the Full Moon and the Annual Members will also gather for a Full Moon journey on Monday, September 20th at 12:30 pm cdt.

NEW: Here Be Dragons Subscriptions!!!

Here by popular demand, we are very pleased to offer subscriptions to the Here Be Dragons service! Never miss another Here Be Dragons offering again! Your subscription includes all of the usual Here Be Dragons goodies, including the Full Moon Blessing (sent out automatically each month) plus a members only monthly Full Moon Group AIM (Active Imagination Journey) because the only thing better than being blessed is being blessed together.

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COST: $20

REGISTRATION: is open through 9/19 at midnight.

NOTE: The Full Moon Blessing and link to the petition are automatically emailed to all participants upon purchase. If you do not see the email please check your Spam folder (and whitelist my address). If you still cannot find it please contact me directly.

Upcoming Event

Our next Here Be Dragon’s ceremony will honor the Full Moon in Aries on 10/20!