In Praise of the Midnight Snack & Touching the Divine

ear Miracles: Snuggled up in bed between my man and my baby, I was immersed in some sweet dream when the little one started to kick and cry out. I felt a wet weight by my leg and reached down to find the bottle of coconut milk he had snacked on right before bedtime…so I gave it to him. Perfection. He went right back to sleep and started giggling at some sweet baby dream, reminding me of the every day miracle of the midnight snack.

You know, when you wake up and tiptoe into the kitchen because you are hungry now. And you choose to honor that hunger-possibly even to celebrate that hunger in the moment instead of waiting for a more “responsible” time, like breakfast. A midnight snack has always struck me as a creative feast — but more…it has struck me as a great analogy for touching the Divine.

Because the Divine shows up when She shows up — whether we have been waiting or not, whether we are prepared or not.

Because the Divine touches our lives usually when its least expected-we wanted Him there for our grandfather’s funeral but we feel His presence at 2pm on a Tuesday.

Because the Divine is bigger than any form, shape or name — It shows up like our hunger-unexpected, unbidden, and its our choice to honor that or not.

 Honor your hunger and take a bite!

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