Where did the magic makers of old turn to when life started to become difficult, overwhelming, and tenuous?

It was not church or crown or educational institution that provided insight and relief. None of those sources provided thriving and freedom.

So what did?

It was Faerie.

And it it still is.

Into the Green is a five-week immersion dedicated to all things Faerie.

It was through Faerie that my own Sacred Arts journey started, years ago.

Although my relationship to Faerie has been a cornerstone in my life and in my practice, I have never taught a course on the specific details of understanding what faerie is, connecting to faerie, experiencing faerie healing, and of course making faerie magic.

When we say the word faerie, for too many of us we are still caught up in the Victoria ideal of little winged creatures. There is value in that…but it is not entire story of faerie…not by a long shot.

Come and join me as we go Into the Green to forge ever deeper relationships with this most magical of worlds.

Here is what you need to know:

Who is this for: Anyone who is feeling the need to reconnect with the core of the Otherworld, the heart of the Earth, and the magic within.

When do we meet: Thursdays in June from 5:30pm – 6:3pm central time on Zoom. Meetings will be recorded but your live presence is strongly encouraged.

What will I learn? This is an immersion as opposed to a course. That means that I am going to be going fast and giving you lots of details and practices for cultivating your own relationship with Faerie and Faeries. Your questions will be front and center and there will be opportunities for your feedback between each meeting.

Registration opens on May 31st and closes on June 1st. Yes, you really have two days for this one! Our first meeting is June 2nd.

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