Astro RX Report: Jupiter in the Balance

If the areas of love, partnership, marriage, and art were about to get super energized in your life you would probably want to know about it, right?
Maybe even plan a bit?
Well get ready Miracles, because on September 9th the planet Jupiter moves from the sign of Virgo into the sign of Libra and will hang out in the celestial balance for close to a year.

Libra is the sign ruling love, partnership, and marriage (as well as art, culture, and diplomacy).

Whenever the planet Jupiter moves into a specific area of the sky it has the tendency to enlarge, emphasize, and enrich whatever is already happening there.

No matter where the sign of Libra occurs in your personal chart, this transit is going to energize the love, romance, and partnership areas of your life – areas that most of us consider pretty vital. It’s pretty clear that getting into sync with the upcoming Jupiter-influenced magic is an excellent idea. That’s what this report will help you do.

I’m turning my own Libra know-how (that’s Sun and Pluto conjunct in Libra thank you very much) to this most auspicious transit and I am making a select number of Jupiter in the Balance Reports available to those of you who want to be fully prepared to rock this Libran-Jupiter mojo.

I love, love, love doing astrology reports and my community loves it when I make the time – normally there is just too much going on, but I love Libra and I love Jupiter and I think this transit is something many of us personally and globally have been waiting for.

Let the star party begin!

What Others are Saying:

“Bri’s astro rx reports are chock full of insight, wisdom, and helpful information. Everything is personalized, so you know exactly what it all means to you. It’s like having a GPS app for your future. And the care, attention to detail and love that Bri puts into the report is heart-warming and really special.”

Rachel NYC

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WHAT IT IS: A written and audio report on the transit, including dates to keep in mind, the particular gifts and challenges this transit has in store for you, other areas of life that will be enhanced by this transit, and ritual suggestions to help you sail smoothly through any choppy waters.

REPORT INCLUDES: downloadable pdf, an audio file, and your natal chart.

DELIVERY VIA: email and please allow 1-3 weeks for completion.

OFFERING IS LIMITED TO: ten individuals at this time. Depending on how long the reports take I may or may not open it up again for more orders.