ady of the stars, beauty bearing scars.

With mantle green and blue, and the form of mountain,

Rich red earth skin, from you all life fountains.

You carry our prayers, our loves, our fears,

Holiest of women, you carry our tears.

With work-hardened hands you heal,

the woman in the boardroom, the man in the field.

Mercy. Mercy. Mercy. Mercy, your words always say,

For I too know loss and there is a better way.

Our blood goes in the earth and our tears reach the skies,

As surely as night turns to day and death again to life.

Lady of the Stars, beauty bearing scars.

Holder of the Sacred Heart, witness to the soul,

with eyes that speak the truth and arms that know to hold.

Hold onto us and we to thee, until this world is covered,

in your love and deepest peace.


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