Mercury RX Survival Kit

Mercury is headed into Shadow once more as we welcome the onset of the next Retrograde period.

As is tradition in our Sacred Arts community, this is a time when we look at the possibilities of aligning ourselves with the Winged Messenger...not running and hiding under the covers in ill-advised fear.

Join us in that alignment through the Mercury Retrograde Survival Kit!

Mercury Retrograde Survival Kit

Each Mercury Retrograde period has a unique set of challenges and gifts that those who choose to honor this time and dip their wing feathers into Quicksilver magic are able to discover.

During this RX period we begin with Mercury in the mutable Air sign of Gemini which gives us your textbook retrograde experience. Meaning that we should expect to see tech glitches, miscommunications, accounting errors, and travel delays. As one of the most relational signs, we can expect to see our nearest and dearest relationships experience extra stress and difficulty during this time.

On May 22nd, Mercury ingresses into the Fixed sign of Taurus, the celestial Bull. While touring Taurus, Mercury is likely to cause mischief in finances, bank accounts, and money matters. We may also collectively experience more disruption around food and daily goods.

The specific dates to be aware of are as follows:

May 10th – June 3rd , 2022: Retrograde starts at 6:47 AM in Gemini, Mercury retrogrades into Taurus on May 22nd at 8:15 PM, and then stations direct on June 3rd at 3:00 A

Because Gemini speaks to our connections and Taurus can sometimes ignore the relational, an excellent question to ask during this time:

Where, and with what/whom, do I need to reconnect?

Thank you

COST: $130

DELIVERY VIA: email and pdf

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: May 6th at noon cdt

Thank you for sending in your petition for Mercury RX! If you missed it, grab your Mercury RX Workbook right here.

What is included in the Mercury Survival Kit?

✅ Your Mercury RX Workbook – retooled this year and coming in at over 50 pages with descriptions for Mercury’s retrograde through each house, over each planet, as well as essential astro points like the Ascendant and Mid-heaven.

✅ The Mercury RX Survival Kit Clear Communication devotional candle.

✅ The Mercury RX Survival Kit ritual – wherein I provide ritual work to support, sustain, and protect you every single day Mercury is in retrograde.

The clear communication devotional candle: Each candle is dressed with a special blend of herbs and roots including Angelica root, Deerstongue leaf, and home-grown organic lemongrass, and topped off with my homemade clear communication ritual oil. It is then blessed with a special Mercury prayer that has been perfected over the years, and finally set to light in my candle houses (please note that no candle reports accompany Mercury RX candles).

Mercury in Retrograde Protection and Prevention Rite: This is a rite I have done for myself and my family over the past three years with great success. It involves a unique petition with very specific incense and the recitation of a hymn held sacred by the God Mercury.

The Mercury RX Survival Kit guidebook including: Six delicious prompts that will help you delve into your relationship with 6 of the areas that Mercury is traditionally believed to influence:

  • Communication
  • Relationships
  • Ideas
  • Breath
  • Comprehensive Vision
  • Connection between the Worlds

New to the Mercury RX Survival Kit?

Over the years I have observed how Mercury RX affects different people. For some, retrogrades are not a big deal — they can read a helpful blog post or two in preparation and then move on with their lives.

For others…not so much. Mercury in retrograde seems to always bring more than its fair share of tech problems, communication break-downs, and heightened nerves and anxieties.

The reason for this of course has to do with our natal charts and the specific placement of Mercury in those charts, but when you are feeling the retrograde drama knowing the reason behind it doesn’t really help.

Enter the Mercury Retrograde survival kit. This is the kit for the person who wants nothing more than to hide under the covers whenever Mercury goes retrograde.

The person who is tired of dealing with yet another fried computer and yet another stressed relationship. The person who needs some deep Mercurial magic-making.