Money Magic is some of the most popular magic in the world.


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The Money Magic Workshop

Long before Capitalism was a thing and long before our modern forms of commerce were decided on, your Ancestors were doing money magic.

And yet.

Money Magic is one of the forms of magic that gets people the most twisted up. We don’t know where to start, we don’t know what we think…or feel…about money, and, perhaps most seriously of all: we don’t take our money fears, dreams, hopes, failures and successes seriously.

Aside from love, enchantments that increase wealth, abundance, and prosperity are the most sought out…and though wealth and money are often at the top of the list of things people worry about and stress over…when I ask clients what kind of money magic they are doing on their own, the answer is all too often…nothing, really.

In this class we are going to change that.

We will start by exploring what we even mean by money and wealth and then I’ll share some practical and effective money magic traditions with you.

Best of all, prior to the class YOU have the opportunity to ask YOUR big money magic questions…and I’ll be answering as many of them as I can!

We are now into the second quarter of the year and I KNOW that some of you are kicking off the year worried about money and finances…let’s change that, right now.

Let’s make some money magic together!

Class is on 5/8 at 12:30pm central time. Once you have registered you will receive the call-in instructions.

During this Class You Will Learn

What is Money Magic?

The Major Money Challenges and how to meet them

Ingredients, Spells, and Enchantments

Designing a Money Magic Routine that works for you

The Energetics of Money

Common Obstacles to making Money Magic

Mistakes to Avoid when making Money Magic

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Ready to Make Money Magic?


Money Magic Workshop






5/8/24 at 12:30pm central time



This workshop is available for anyone who wants to learn the ins and outs of making Money Magic!



Deadline to register is May 7th at 10:00am, central time.

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About the Teacher:

Briana Saussy is a best-selling author, teacher, and Sacred Artist who has been honoring, celebrating, reconciling and connecting lovers for over a decade!

As a Sacred Artist, Briana’s clients include New York Times best-selling authors, business leaders, award-winning artists, authors, entrepreneurs, yoga teachers, and business coaches. Briana’s work speaks to anyone who is looking for range and comprehensiveness of vision, which is required for a genuinely pragmatic approach to spirituality.

She is well-grounded in the world’s great religious and intellectual traditions, as well as western psychological practices. Bri holds a B.A. and M.A. in Eastern and Western classics, philosophy, mathematics and science from St. John’s College (Annapolis and Santa Fe), and is a student of Ancient Greek and Sanskrit.

In her teaching, Briana is noted for a practical, grounded, and supportive approach to the mystical and magical while also invoking the depth and range of story, myth, and folk traditions from around the world.

Briana is the founder of the Sacred Arts Academy Training Program, the first of its kind and only of its kind four year comprehensive training in the Sacred Arts.

Additionally, Briana has contributed to more than 7 books, including her two titles: Making Magic: Weaving Together the Everyday and the Extraordinary as well as Star Child: Joyful Parenting Through Astrology.

Briana’s work has been featured in the Paris Review, Yoga JournalMind Body GreenThe Mountain AstrologerEnergy Magazine, Watkins Mind Body Spirit magazine, and the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers. She is a regular contributor to Enchanted Living magazine.

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The Money Magic Workshop is: $113

The Money Magic Workshop is now closed.