New Moon Blessing in Honor of Libra ~ A Blessing for the Hard Times

ibra, sign of love and partnership among other attributes encourages us to inquire about what new aspect of love am I ready to explore?

In my Sacred Artists group on Facebook I wrote a few days ago about the need to bless even and especially the hard stuff, the tough stuff, all of the things that you would rather not deal with in the first place.

It is easy to turn our backs on difficulties, easy to close our eyes and pretend that they are not there. But that is not the way of the soulful seeker now is it?

No, we look at the good, the bad, and the ugly, with eyes wide open faith. That act is, in and of itself an act of love.

This is a blessing for the hard times.

New Moon Blessing for Libra, October 2016

Today we call upon and ask for aid not from the ones that are clean and bright, always pure and always good.

Rather, let us speak to the Saints and Angels who carry muddy wings, halos made of broken glass, and hemlines that have been dragged through the depths not once but many times.

They are the ones who will walk with us to the places where other angels fear to tread, and they are the ones who will stand with during the encounters that can turn us into stone.

Let us remember that no matter the faith or path or place of worship the holy ones are more often than not the ones who have let their hearts be pierced by the broken places and the blessings time over time again.

May we be blessed in our own time of knees on the ground keening with the ability to remember that we are held close and sure by those Saints and Angels – that we are now in their territory and they have our backs and that the heart that is pierced is the heart that is brave enough to love unbounded.

May we remember too that our ancestors know the road we walk because we follow in their footsteps, and they stand with us in constant, radiating love.

Bless us as we call upon our descendants, all who come after us, all whose lives are touched by the ways we live our own, reminding us that this time of difficulty will become one of the most radiant threads in the weaving of our lives.

Hold us as we breathe; for in difficult times breathing in and out is sometimes the best and only blessing we are capable of.

And remove any and all scales from our eyes so that, when the dust has settled and the sun has risen once more we look in the mirror and see a familiar sight:

Muddy wings, a halo made of broken glass, a hemline that has gone through the very depths, pierced and sacred heart capable of loving more, ever ready to call out the blessings waiting in the most broken places.

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