New Moon in Cancer – Honoring our Armour

ou know how to wear your armour and you know how to take it off. There are many ways to wear the armour that is yours, to be contained in your shell, keeping the most tender places protected and safe.

You can wear the armour all of the time, coloring it like a rainbow of blue, red, silver, and moonlight.

You can scurry back and forth in this shell, reviewing, remembering, and dream-walking your way through the past as you place one tentative arm into the waters of the future.

You can make it hard and bristly, this shell that never cracks open, covered with teeming life from the deepest part of yourself.

You can listen to the voices that tell you to put your armour on, to step out of your shell now, and know all the while in your backwards and sideways way how to stand again the tide of others and listen to your own voice.

You can shed your skin, set your armour down slipping out of it and into the deep waves shimmering in your wondrous naked flesh under the moon’s dark beauty.

You may swim strong in the knowledge that you know how to wear your armour and you know how to take it off.

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