New Moon in Aries: Blessed Be The Hell Raisers

New Moon in Aries: Blessed Be The Hell Raisers

The Sun is in Aries and so is today’s New Moon. I’m blessed with many Rams in my family and today we are celebrating the birthday of one of my favorites – my Dad! I rarely think of myself as a rebel, but I come out of a family that is full of them…outlaws, underdogs, and yes, hell raisers. That’s one reason why they have a special place in my heart. Another is that I believe the hell raisers are often angels in full disguise; I’ve seen golden pinions shining through more than one scarred bomber jacket and scarred back.

Maybe you have too.

When I sat down to write the prayer for this month’s new moon I knew it was time to honor them; that the hell raisers needed their own special blessing. And so…

Blessed be the hell raisers.

The ones who raise fists and eyes to a wide open sky in anger and rage and all their tattered hope.
The vixens who dare to walk the room with their too short skirts and their too high heels and their too red lips.
The Doers and the Gotta Get It Done-ers who cannot, for the life of them, just sit still.
The impatient ones who are not going to wait, or be reasonable or be calm, who will fight no matter what.
With their rebel yells, their black leather, their ivory skulls and red roses worn like so many pearls and rubies beyond price.
Trying their damnedest, in all of the ways that they are told they can’t or shouldn’t or must not, to literally raise hell back up to the heavens with their ravens’, their smokers’ illicit cries – proclaiming that we too are part of the story and our secret love affair is with justice.

Blessed be the hell raisers.

The risk takers and the heroes, first responders and soldiers, who plunge ahead when everyone else cuts and runs.
The rash ones, remembering that “rash” is not that far from the old Hebrew “ruach” very breath of soul and essence.
The dancers who don’t care who might be looking, who dance for the sheer joy of electric movement from the heart to the toe, who dance for the dance itself and will not stop.

Blessed be the hell raisers.

The outlandish and the outlaws, who fit in nowhere, and so with nails and sharp teeth and more than enough wildness carved out and created their own, staring down all that is said to be impossible with a knowing glance that says, “sit back and watch.”
Bad and dangerous.
Criminal and Scandalous.
Ever pushing the envelope just a little bit farther.
Representing for all that is wild, all that is unruly.

Blessed be the hell raisers.

The secret missionaries and incognito bodhisattvas of ghetto and goulag, gangland and waste lands whose bright righteousness cannot help but shine out among the spikes and thorns, for it too, is a bit of a rebel and will not be contained.

In love and blessings,

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