My Ongoing List of Personal Omens

ear Miracles,

An ongoing list of signs and omens I have observed and their meanings as I understand and interpret them. I recommend that all students and sacred artists have a list like this that can be easily updated.

acorn-growth, return on investments, patience apple-health, feminine mysteries, esoteric teachings

anchor-weighed down, return home, stasis

bear-motherhood, the arrival of twins, strength, protection, hibernation or “going dark”

bird-transcendence, objectivity, speech, socializing

bird of prey-hunting and strategy

bell-pay attention, warning, protection, spiritual calling book-studies, scholarly pursuits, intellectual matters

blade-threat, enemy, violence, need for protection severing, clarity, boundaries

candle-magic, light, wishes & blessings

car-movement, commuting, liquid investments

cat-magic, companions who support creative/risky ideas, female sexuality, female sexual rivals


crown-success in work and financial matters, authority, respect, mastery

coin-money & finances, material security

cup/chalice-women, Goddesses, women spiritual leaders and saints, mercy, receptivity, intuition

dog-loyalty, old friends, family members, male sexuality, male sexual partners

egg-fertility, the world, healing, cleansing, prosperity

face-truth telling, something obvious in front of you, meeting a new person

flower-reconciliation, forgiveness, mercy, romance

four leaf clover-good luck, treasure

heart-love, romance, friendship, family ties

heart with line through it-break up, broken heart, deceit

horizon line-possibility, potential, getting psyched out by too many open ended choices

horse-strength, endurance, fertility, sensitivity, battle

hill or mountain-obstacles blocking your path

infinity sign-eternal, timeless

leaf-accepting that you are part of a community/community focus/ cash

lightning bolt-revelation, destruction

man-a man that is involved in the situation, strength, protection, domination, intellect

moon-magic, psychic dreams/vision, artistry, poetry

mouth-speech and communication, gossip, lies, public speaking pig-fertility, appetite, abundance, luck

rabbit-luck, lunar-feminine mysteries, close hearing, attention, sex

rose-women and feminine sexuality, romance, love

sea-emotions, psychic ability, healing, cleansing scales/balance-justice, righteousness, severity, court cases ship-surprise profit, aquatic travel

skull-death, ancestors

smile-joy, celebration, sarcasm

snake-rebirth, protection or a need for protection, shedding and culling

star-soul alignment and soul purpose, positive attention, wisdom

sun-rebirth, resurrection, reconciliation, energy, great potential

tear drop-sadness, “tears will be shed”, cleansing tower-isolation and independence

wave-emotions that are not completely under control, indecision, hesitation

whip-domination, authority, control

woman-a woman that is involved in the situation, beauty, emotion, romance, deceit

x-bad luck, curses, crossed conditions OR X marks the spot

zig-zags-water, women, psychic ability, if drawn in powders around the home or where workplace, can indicate malevolent magic.

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