Prayer for Real Peace ~ New Moon in Capricorn


As the new moon in Capricorn unfolds her ebony robes many of us may find that we are still surrounded by the holiday hustle-and-bustle.  Even so, we don’t have to let that stop us from opening up the brightest gift at the end of the year the still threshold that forms in the last days of one year and the first days of the next.

During this time it is common to hear a plea, a prayer or a request that arms or weapons of all kinds be placed down, that sharp-edged weaponized words be gentled and turned to better uses, and peace be invoked.

And yet, when we make entreaties for Peace, what is it really that we are speaking of? What are we calling forth? Here is my prayer for myself and for all of us seeking to answer that question and call forth a deeper, truer, peace in our lives and communities.

Prayer for Real Peace

By the heavens above and by the earth below today we come seeking peace.

But our prayer is not a prayer for what some call peace that softly whispers look away, look away…

Our prayer is not for the peace that lies and hides and pretends things are otherwise than they are.

No, our prayer is for real peace, made in the knowing of what real peace, true peace is.

Peace that is fierce enough to make all bloodthirsty war-makers know fear, as they tremble in the knowing that in the end, they lose.

Peace that is vast enough to cover all lands, all people, all places even and especially the ones most broken.

Peace that is wild enough to speak to the lion.

Peace that is steady enough to call to the lamb.

Peace that is strong enough to lift up even the weakest.

Peace that is bright enough to illuminate that largest shadows and show what they truly hold.

Peace that is profound enough that all might remember it.

Peace that is radical enough that it scoffs at the notion of “sides”.

Peace that endures through it all and can be found as a shining thread running through all stories, all faiths, all religions and mystical traditions, all families, all singular lives no matter how ensnared they may be at a given moment, no matter how damaged or beyond redemption they may seem, we may seem, you may seem.

Our prayer is for peace and we make our prayer by seeking this peace out, in all the ways and by all the means that we can, for our selves and for one another, this day and every day, and may it be so, Amen.

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