The Remembering Way:

Training in the sacred art of folk magic, ritual, and ceremony
It is now time to remember ourselves not just a little bit or piece by piece, but wholly and completely.

It is time for magic.

Magic is a part of your lineage and magic is a part of your legacy.

Not abstract or metaphorical magic but actual, down in the dirt, rooted, magic that you can practice in your kitchen or at your altar as you like and as you need.

folk magic petitions and crosses in New Mexico

I am going to teach you my traditions that honor the magic of the commonplace and everyday, colloquially known as “folk magic”.

This is the magic of leaf and root, blood and bone, needle and thread, candle and prayer, feather and fang; this is the magic of the liminal and in between-places.
Much of what you need in order to make this magic you already have in your home and in your kitchen.

All of what you need to make this magic resides in your red and beating heart.

You may not know it, but on a cellular level, you absolutely remember it because this is the magic of your ancestors no matter who they were or where they came from, and together we will walk the remembering way.

This is a 7-week course comprised of oral teaching only – that means no pdf handouts but we will have a private group on Facebook.

I have kept it streamlined and easy so that the price remains extremely affordable because I truly believe that these times call for magic and we all need to be making it.


Week One: Working in the Other World – on Saints, Spirits, Allies, Ancestors, and Offerings

Week Two: Divination as a diagnostic tool

Week Three: Sacred Vessels and Talismans – charm bags, honey, sugar, salt, and mixed ritual jars, protection bottles, spirit traps, and talisman finding, making, and consecration.

Week Four: Scents and Words of Power – plant magic, incense, oils and unguents, petitions for all occasions, and prayer making.

Week Five: Candles and Fire – making, blessing, and working with candles, and fire magic.

Week Six: Waters and Washes – spiritual cleansing of self, home, vehicle, and workplace, potion-making, baptism of objects, spiritually cleansing others, internalizing your magic.

Week Seven: Needles and Thread – cloth, sewing, and knot magic. Creating your personal medicine bag.

Teachings will be delivered via a private phone conference. All calls will be recorded for students who cannot attend live.

All calls occur on Wednesdays from 4-6 pm central time.

The class begins on 12/21 and concludes on 2/8.

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COST: $350

FORMAT: oral teaching only via private phone conference, no pdfs or hand-outs, and temporary FB group

REGISTRATION CLOSES: 12/20 at noon central time