Ring of Fire

A Jupiter Retrograde Protection Rite and Reading
Jupiter is about to go retrograde for 4 months.
While this doesn’t happen every year it occurs frequently enough that those of us who know how to work with Jupiter pay attention and enchant ourselves into the best Jupiter Retrograde experiences – making this time full of opportunity instead of challenge.

Jupiter is the planet the guides and guards our wealth, wisdom, and wanderlust. Its retrograde period is longer and in many ways more subtle than that of say, Mercury, but its affects can be far more reaching in consequence too. Specifically this is a time when getting into right relationship with your finances is deeply supported – and it is a time when if you are not in right relationship to your money that will be brought to your attention in big ways.

So, in honor of all that Jupiter Retrograde is and can be, I have created a brand new ritual for this event. I call it the Ring of Fire – in a nod to Jupiter’s current position in its favored fire sign of Sagittarius.

It works like this: each participant is going to receive a tarot reading that looks specifically at their relationship to wealth – where is the relationship good, where is it in trouble, what practical and magical actions can support it – and then from that information each individual will create a petition for their Jupiter Retrograde experience. Petitions can be sent in at any point throughout the retrograde. I will create an ongoing and ritually consecrated ring of protective fire around each participants money relationship and their petitions so that you are covered and supported during this period of time. This protective rite will be worked with every day of the retrograde period for the full four months.

Sounds good? Join us and step right up and into the ring.

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COST: $140

REGISTRATION: is open through 4/9 at midnight