St. Valentine's Day Sacred Vessel Sale!

Sugar and Honey Jars, Sacred Salt Vessels, Banishing Bottles + More!

I know. I know. Not everyone in our community is a fan of Valentine's Day - but I AM!

I think one of the greatest magics in the world is LOVE, which is really the deepest expression of right relationship - love for ourselves, love for our fellow brothers and sisters, love for our children and elders, love for our creatures and love for our lands. of my FAVORITE ways to create, support, and sustain love relationships is by working with sacred vessels like sugar and honey jars.

These little magical microcosms are AMAZING!!! I have clients that have had the same honey jar blessing their marriage for over 13 years and I've seen some dramatic results in healing tense relationships with these potent vessels as well.

Of course, honey and sugar jars are not the only kinds of sacred vessels that can come in handy when it comes to all things LOVE.

Sometimes we need to sweeten a relationship, but maybe we need to see a relationship clearly in order to really let love in, or maybe a relationship needs protection and stability. In that case a salt jar might be the best thing to select.

In other cases certain attitudes and beliefs may need to be removed in order for love to truly shine. Then, in that case a banishing bottle would be best.

Basically, I just love Sacred Vessels across the board! I even wrote a chapter about them in my first book - so you know I'm a believer. And this month, my love turns into your luck because I have put my Sacred Vessel work on sale for the first time EVER.

Through now until Valentine's Day you can order any Sacred Vessel which I will custom create for you and work for a month for $100 - that's $50 off the normal price!
What are you waiting for?

Happy Valentine's Day, Miracles. I love each and every one of you!

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COST: $150 $100

REGISTRATION: is open through 2/14 at midnight.