Today I bring a simple DIY ritualito (that’s Briana speak for a little bitty ritual) to you. This is a nice way of honoring any windfall event when you receive extra financial support. But…with a few tweaks one can extend this work to honor any excellent windfall in life.

You will need: 

  • 1 medium-large lodestone
  • 1 pack of magnetic sand (this is what we “feed” to lodestones)
  • Olive oil that you have blessed or a prosperity/abundance drawing oil
  • Sassafras root
  • a black pen/pencil
  • cash money (preferably from a windfall event)



  •  Take the cash and write your full name under the name of the US Treasurer on each bill. Then under the name of the Secretary of the Treasury’s name write the following petition: “Money Come, Money Stay, Money Grow.
  • Anoint each bill in a 5 spot pattern (4 corners & center) with the oil-a dab is fine!
  • Brush the Sassafras root across the bills-brush the root towards you-then take the root pieces and place them in your wallet or billfold. Sassafras is a root that is known to help you keep your cash and also to make your dollar stretch.
  • Place your stack of cash underneath your lodestone. Make sure you baptize your lodestone by giving it some whisky, anoint it with the same oil you used on your cash, and feed it some magnetic sand. Place a bit of your hair on top of the cash and underneath the lodestone.
  • Pray the 23rd Psalm OR a prayer for abundance straight from your heart. If you feel called, light a candle during this time.
  • For extra oomph do this working on a Thursday as that day is associated with the planet Jupiter, the element of Earth, and all things abundant!

Treat this consecrated cash as seed money. That means you are not going to go out and spend it willy nilly-you are going to save it and spend it on something that really matters and can make you MORE money. So you might spend it on a new pair of shoes that you need to go to that fancy job interview. Or you might spend it on a big ticket item that your business needs to kick it up a notch.

May the abundance flow!


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