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Spinning Gold ~ Weaving the Worlds Together Through Story and Magic

Magic has a story, and part of its story involves family, just as your story does.

The Sacred Arts are magic’s family, and we cannot come to understand it until we know them.

Spinning Gold is where discover the Sacred Arts in their natural territory of folklore, myth, fairy tale, ceremony, and ritual practice.

Magic has a story and so do you.

Are you ready to discover and hear them? Are you, take a breath now, ready to tell them?

If so, then you are ready to begin Spinning Gold.

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Get a Taste of Spinning Gold with Ways to Arise
A free training on how to emerge from hard times.

Ways to Arise is a four part teaching intended to support you in emerging from hard times. This teaching was first introduced as part of the launch celebration for Spinning Gold 2021/22.

While Ways to Arise is a wonderful way to get a sense of how Spinning Gold works and feels, it is also a valuable stand alone teaching. Take it in for yourself and may it be a blessing to you!

Spinning Gold Tuition

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Guiding Story

Stories, fairy tales, folklore and myth are the primary source material for all sacred arts and we work with them extensively in Spinning Gold. Each module has a guiding story and Ways to Arise does as well. Listen to the Abduction of Persephone in the above video.


In this 9 minute video students are introduced to the Ways to Arise training and Spinning Gold.

Sequence + Ceremony

In the third course video we work with the story of the Abduction of Persephone to distill a potent sequence of actions and habits that can be put to use in our own lives as we ascend from Underworld experiences back into the here and now.

Magic + Practice

Ways to Arise concludes in the same way each lesson of Spinning Gold does – with a series of magical actions, rituals, and ceremonies that you can put into practice right now.

Spinning Gold Tuition

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