WHY Should We Honor our Ancestors?

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esterday, we talked about WHO is an Ancestor and today I want to dive into the question of WHY we would choose to work with our Ancestors at all? Why do people do this work all over the world? Well, there are reasons: honor

• First and foremost because our legacy is connected to our lineage. This means, simply put that we can’t really think or feel into our future and what is possible for us and our people, if we are not in right relationship to our past and our lineage.

• Our Ancestors often see patterns and cycles that we might miss. Here we have one of the most traditional reasons for working with and honoring our Ancestors. They were called on for Divination purposes because they have an understanding of where we are and where we are headed that far exceeds our own.

• Our Ancestors often participated in patterns and cycles that we can see once we honor them. If you are doing any self development work you have probably come across ideas like “mindset” – certain attitudes that you may have about things like romance or money or success that actually, in the long run, limit your abilities.

Mindsets are often rooted in our lineage – our Ancestors had certain experiences that were traumatic (or were not able to have certain experiences that would have been uplifting and healing), and as a result, we have inherited attitudes, stories, and perspectives that are not necessarily helpful to us. When we begin Honoring our Ancestors we begin to understand what they experienced, why we react to things the way we do, and what unique healing is available to us.

• Our Ancestors inspire us. Working with our Ancestors can give us ideas, dreams, and goals that are inspirational and aspirational. Our Ancestors love us, they want our success and happiness and often remind us of the tools and talents we have at our disposal to make and do wonderful things.

• Our Ancestors can warn us. Just as Ancestors are viewed to have a much broader and truer sense of history, they are also understood to be able to foresee events that we need to be warned about or aware of.

• Honoring our Ancestors is polite. Finally, it is simply polite and good spiritual manners to identify and honor our Beloved Dead.

After all of that, it’s a much better idea to ask why we WOULDN’T want to honor our Ancestors!

So now the obvious question is HOW. HOW do we Honor Our Ancestors? Stay tuned because tomorrow I’ll be sending out that information!

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Fairy Tales, Blessings, on Working with my Husband and more…

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ear Miracles,

La Luna is sitting pretty in the home of Cancer today, and I hope you can take a few moments to breathe in her nurturing goodness. And I have a few notes from the enchanted mountains of Colorado to share with you all!

To newer community members, you have not have heard about my latest offering, Spinning Gold. Go check it out, make yourselves at home! Download the first lesson, listen to my version of the story of Rumplestiltskin, and learn how to make the most perfect and personal prayer bundle ever.

About a year ago I wrote a post on the title Sacred Artist. I am so honored to see more and more folks picking up that title and claiming it for their own, so it was only right that I deliver some thoughts on what the sacred arts actually are.

Along the same lines, I recently guest posted for Deb Smouse’s Summer Love Notes and wrote all about finding the Sacred in the Small.

Our daily blessings were featured on one of our favorite blogs, Phantasmaphile! I highly recommend getting acquainted with Phantasmaphile as it is a wonderful resource full of mythic arts goodness.

You can also view the entire collection of daily blessings right here — share them, tweet them, pin them to your heart’s content, just credit me (Briana Saussy) as the author and Cassandra Oswald as the illustrator.

Want more in the way of mythic arts? Behold my list of the best Fairy Tale resources!

Most of you know that my husband, David, and I are working together now. This has been a dream of ours for a long time and we just got family health insurance so it is REAL! We talked to my dear friend Theresa Reed about the highs and lows of working together, when we first fell in love with one another and even told stories about our first fight! You can read our story and the stories of other successful ‘preneur couples in Theresa’s newest ebook Creative Coupling.

Speaking of Theresa, have you missed an episode or two of our popular show Talking Shop? Every month we feature a guest expert who dishes the dirt and spills the secrets on how to make a mystical business bloom and flourish…and every show is absolutely free. You can catch up right here.

And, while we are on the subject, for sacred artists who are ready to take their business to the next level and need some personal time, love, and tenderness, Theresa is offering a one day retreat this fall that will be delicious and amazing.

My good friends Sara and Joe have launched their new website! Go check it out and give them so love — their products and services are absolutely top-notch!

Jacquelyn and Amelia are showing the world that astrology and style go together like Diamonds and Dior.

Barri Tessler Linden served up some real brilliance on the connection between Money and Health.

Pace and Kyeli have launched a new podcast on the Enneagram (which is fun, crazy and meaningful and highly recommended.

And Harold of Alchemy Works got a shoutout from Mystic Medusa — which was pretty much the most awesome thing to see all week!

I am often asked who my go-to person is for business coaching, advising, and strategizing. I work with my team of course, but when I need an outside perspective that is smart and real and kind there is only one person I talk to…Fabeku.

In totally random news, I have two favorite compilation blogs. They are Brainpickings and Farnam Street — some of you might like them too.

Our summer has been lots of reading, lots of make-believe.

Finally, if you are looking for an online Sacred Arts community that is free and awesome, you may want to join our group. (You will need to wait to have your request to join approved by me, but the wait won’t be long, promise).

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