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To the metaphysical industry.

We deliver the goods – no jive talking, no mystic-babble. All straight biz talk with a mystical slant!

Join me and my partner in all things awesome, fellow Mystical Business phenom, Theresa Reed AKA The Tarot Lady, for our monthly free podcast.

Talking Shop covers a wide rang of topics of interest to the Sacred Artist, Soulful Seeker, and Mystical Business Owner including many practical tips on making your business and practice successful, fun, and prosperous.

*A Mystical Mogul Joint Venture* Old Skool and Yung Money Productions

Sharing, Spreading, and Feeling the Love

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air!

But hey – this isn’t limited to romantic love. Metaphysical business owners – you need to think
about loving up your business!

That means:
Taking good care of your tribe…and practicing love plus boundaries with those difficult peeps
that might show up from time to time.
Marketing from the heart.
Giving your peers some lovin’ support.
And, most importantly, making sure your personal life is getting the attention it needs too…
even though you’re busy as can be.

In this episode of Talking Shop, we’re going to be covering all of that and more. From
newsletters that feel more like love letters to running a household where everyone feels loved
up, this podcast is our Valentines to you!

In this power hour we’ll discuss:

  • How to practice excellent client care.
  • What you need to know about managing unreasonable people.
  • Marketing practices that feel kind + loving.
  • Newsletters as love letters.
  • How to manage a personal life and a business life – and make sure both get the attention they need.
  • And more!

Listen in to all the brilliance right here:

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