Triple Threat Candle Service

Monthly Magic for Wealth, Health, and Love

What if there were a way to bless, support and energize the three most important areas of life on a monthly basis?


Well, Miracles, we now have a candle for that!


Let me joyfully introduce you to the Triple Threat Candle Service!


The Triple Threat candle service packs a three-fold power boost into your life every single month that focuses on supporting you in making, growing, and keeping more money, increasing and protecting your health and vitality, and giving you the ability to attract more of what and who you want, all while being more loved and more loving.


Wealth, Health, and Love…we are covering all three with this single devotional candle!


What Would Life Feel Like…

…if you knew that at the beginning of each month you were being supported, blessed, and having roads open for you in the areas of wealth, health, and love?

Would it make you feel safe, supported, grounded, free, and inspired?

Would it make you feel precious and held?

What would be possible with that kind of magic on your side?


It’s time to find out.


WHAT: Triple Threat Devotional Candle Service for 2024

WHERE: Candles are dressed, blessed, and lit by me and left to burn without interruption in my custom candle houses.


One payment of $1200

Two payments of  $600

Four payments of  $300

Deadline: December 29th, 2023