What Do You Birth? Contemplations on Returns & Light

ear Miracles: A question for you all on this Solstice day:

What do you birth?

In a season of darkness and winter we celebrate birth and light. Re-emergence, re-membering, re-collecting, ourselves to ourselves. We engage in a process of making whole and holy the work we have done, the people who have passed, the projects that we may now put to bed. Then we turn around and open doors, create windows, make spaces for the new life that is coming into this world through us — in some cases it is a literal child — flushed, wet, and a little bit wild. In others it is our heart’s creative joy, our mind’s keen application, a new friendship, a marriage, a new love.

Birth happens in the dark — as so many potently creative acts do. Even in modern day hospitals doctors and staff are trained to dim the lights. In most cases mammals den up when its time to give birth. The darkness relaxes and protects. Physiologically the darkness sends messages to your nervous system, hormones, and brain that you are safe, you may get along with the business of opening, dilation, in order to bring in whatever you have been carrying inside of you. Darkness fosters light just as death fosters life.

So…what are you birthing? What you are opening to? What light is returning to your life today as you return to yourself?

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