Sacred Arts Counseling Sessions

Hour-long client-driven exploratory sessions, allowing us to give in-depth attention to your particular needs.

Sessions may include any and all of the below:

    • Spiritual counseling
    • Dream analysis and intepretation
    • Tarot Reading
    • Astrology Consultation
    • Teaching of advanced sacred arts techniques
    • Active imagination journeys
    • Advanced teachings for Miracle Tree or Spinning Gold students
    • Sacred arts and mystical business advising and coaching


Over the years, I have found that one-on-one counseling sessions work best for my clients as the result of cumulative work over multiple sessions.  The most productive work requires true investment of time on both parties if it is to be effective in the growth-process of increasing the breadth and depth of understandings and experiences within the realm of sacred arts and life.

To that end, Sacred Arts Sessions are available in a set of three sessions, with one session scheduled each month for three months in a row.

For the sake of giving you the best of my attention, each quarter I make a limited number of sacred arts sessions available to my current and past students.

Cost: $900 for three sessions ($300/session) or $350 for a single session (if interested in a single session please contact me directly.)

Duration: two hours

Format: via private phone line; sessions may be recorded upon client request.

Sacred Arts Counseling Sessions are currently full. Please join my mailing list here to find out when they will be open once again.


Sacred Arts Sessions - One Hour

  • Price: $250.00
  • $0.00