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Breaking Free: A Divination, Ceremony, and Astrological Analysis honoring the Solar Eclipse in Pisces Solar Eclipse Pisces

Eclipses are for breaking chains, breaking cycles, and ultimately breaking free.

Solar Eclipses are especially good for this as they carry the double magic of transforming how we see an event, circumstance, or situation and ALSO how the external qualities of that event, circumstance, or situation actually align.

The upcoming Solar Eclipse on Sunday, 2/26 is in Pisces which is a sign strongly associated with deep healing, artistry, and also the various ways we can bind ourselves up with behaviors, ideas, attitudes, feelings, and cycles that simply do not serve us.

Breaking Free is one part divination, one part astrological analysis, and one part ceremony. It includes

  • An initial 3 question tarot reading via email where we hone in on where you are feeling most restricted and bound up.
  • An accompanying astrological analysis that notes where the eclipse occurs in your chart specifically and how you might want to work with that.
  • A ceremony performed during the solar eclipse on Sunday 2/26 that will support you in Breaking Free.


The Ceremony: When it comes to creating ritual and ceremonies, I believe that the most powerful expressions are the ones that come straight from the heart.

That said, sometimes it is helpful to have an experienced ritualist crack open the door. That is what I do for you in the Breaking Free Ceremony.

This is a specific rite that I perform on your behalf and that calls forward the inner and outer supports you need to clearly identify whatever is holding you back and provide the resources needed for Breaking Free..

The Tarot Reading: This is a three question tarot reading provided via email. You will be prompted to ask three questions about whatever it is that you feel is restricting you or tying you in knots and I will work with the cards to determine your best course in Breaking Free.

The Astrological Analyss: This is a quick look at where in your chart the solar eclipse in Pisces will occur. Please note that in order to accurately provide this information I will need the time, location, and date of your birth. Also note that there is no natal chart provided with this information.

Kind words from previous Diagnostic Tarot Offerings:

I think it’s so hard to say definitively that something has changed your life when you’ve only just received it. And, yet, I know in my bones that this has. This is quite probably the deepest, most intimate reading I have ever had. That alone blew me away. But added to that were concrete action steps and predictions for the upcoming year that give me a sense of next steps and the energy I am walking into. And I am so grateful to know that I’m not walking into it alone. This is the most holistic and cohesive reading I have ever received. I am so incredibly grateful for each word of it. Thank you. – Kasey, California

What is Diagnostic Tarot?

Diagnostic Tarot started out several years ago as a class that presented by unique tarot methodology – one that combines a love of telling stories with the cards with the ability to diagnose situations and offer proper remedy through ceremony and ritual.

My earliest memory of tarot is sitting at my mother’s knee when I was three years old. We were in the living room of our old house and sun was pouring in off the patio, the buttery yellow light illuminated the first card, card 0, The Fool. I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen — this man in such wonderful clothes and with a little dog! I admired how bravely he lifted up his heart to sky and seemed to place all bets on the power of faith. I wondered what his story was and would be — for surely, surely, it would hold great adventure.

This is the tarot of my childhood and throughout the years of offering different kinds of readings this wonder still informs my relationship to each of the 78 cards.

Much like astrology, there are many fabulous tarot readers who offer many different kinds of tarot readings. And as much as I love a good, old-fashioned, tarot reading, I wanted to create an experience with the cards that is truly one of a kind.

What that looks like changes from season to season but as I have been taught, tarot is not only a language of divination; it is also a language of alchemy and magic and so magic and the ceremonies that call it forth play a role in all of these special offerings.




What it is: A custom ceremony that I perform on your behalf, a divination with tarot, and an astrological analysis of where the Eclipse will occur in your chart with suggestions for use.

Who is it for: Anyone who is ready to Break Free.

Delivery via: Tarot Reading and Astrological Analysis occur first and are delivered via email. Ceremony will be performed on Sunday 2/26, and reports will be issued after each ceremony been completed.

Offering is limited to: ten individuals at this time

Please note: once you order the service I will be in touch with you via email with instructions.

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