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Current Offering: Star Stories 2021

 Star Stories 2021.

Open for Registration from July 27th – August 1st

What stories are you ready to write in 2021?
What stories are you ready to conclude?
What stories are you ready to tell?

When I teach astrology I often talk about it in terms of story because that is what astrology is really the study of: part of your story, described by the stars and planets and the completely unique way they relate to you.

Obviously no two stories are alike. And, given the fact that the heavens are always moving, you can know that your stories are also ever-changing and evolving.

At the same time there are themes that we are all invited to explore in both universal and deeply personal terms. These themes are described by the transits and movements of the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto) throughout our charts and the sky. And every year those outer planets shift, lighting up a different area of charts and our lives.

Around this time of year we always get inundated with various ways to think about, plan out, and set goals for the next year. The problem with many of these approaches is that the only point of reference they consider is you. Not you in relationship to your lover, your children, your employer or employees and certainly not you in relationship to your neighbors, that old tree you love to visit, or the star filled sky that we all sleep under every single night. That’s a lonely way to plan and one character only makes for a thin story.

Instead, I invite you to turn your face up to the shining moon and the dancing stars, pitch your ears forward and listen to the story they want to share with you…not just about your next year, but about all of the wonder, joys, sorrows, and discoveries that we are all privileged to dance with every day.

Each star stories report includes:

  • A copy of your natal chart
  • Your astrological compass points and strongest asset
  • General descriptions of the major transits next year + what to expect
  • Specific descriptions about the major transits and how they will interact with your chart and life
  • Dates to circle-star in your calendar
  • Questions to consider, discuss, and journal on
  • Ritual Magic to make (because stars and magic go together like marshmallows and hot chocolate).

The report is sent as a written report in downloadable pdf format. These guys sell out everysingleyear so this is strictly first come, first serve. If you need a payment plan please email me at

I put each report together myself – no automated system filling in text or outsourcing which means each report takes considerable time as such, I have to limit the number of reports I am able to complete.

All reports will be completed by December 1st, 2020

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What are Astro RX Special Reports?

Stars. Planets. Galaxies.

They shine down on us every night, twinkling out their messages, hopes, dreams and plans; it’s high time we start listening.

I love astrology – the study and the understanding of the stars, and for a long time I paid attention to it (and laid some excellent plans in accordance with it) for myself and my family members.

Now I am really delighted to help you do the same thing. But this works a little differently than your typical astro reading.

See, while I love looking at natal charts I feel like there are already some truly gifted folks who are doing that very, very well. And I’m not a fan of reinventing the (Zodiac) wheel.

Instead I will offer, several times throughout the year something special – a report that looks at a particular transit or celestial event and then drills down into how it applies to you and your life.

There might be questions to ponder and journal on, ritual suggestions, or special candles lit on your behalf, because astrology is not a stand alone tradition, but a member in the family of sacred arts.

No matter what the report may be focused on, I always promise to deliver it in a beautiful package and to describe the events in a way that is clear and easy to understand even for those who are brand new to the stars and the stories they tell.



What: Star Stories 2021
Includes: Downloadable, PDF Report
Cost: $600 (students from Spinning Gold, trainees in Called to the Crossroads – don’t forget to use your discount code!)
Registration deadline: 7/1/20

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