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Current Offering: Mars Retrograde in Aries ~ Into the Fire


 Uranus Retrograde.

Open for Registration from August 18th – August 22nd

Who are you?
What do you stand for?
Who and what are you willing to fight for?
Where do you need to be combat ready?
What requires great discipline right now?
What is ready to be perfected?
How can you increase your energy and vitality?
What are the roles fitness and health play in your life?
What (and who) are in need of protection and support now?

Welcome to the forecast for Autumn 2020 – it’s going to be hot! The planet Mars will be in a long retrograde during this season in his home turf of Aries and the above questions may serve to give you some idea of the shape of things to come. This is a time when we are all being asked to go into the fire, when we are all in the alchemical process of having what is no longer needed burned down, burned away, so that we emerge distilled, refined, and focused. This is Mars Retrograde.

If you are interested in any of the above questions then this is a retrograde period that you want to work with. It is also a period, like all retrograde periods, that you want to be aware of because certain issues are especially like to crop up during this time and you may want to get in front of them and protect yourself and your loved ones.

Some of the negative qualities we expect to see when Mars is retrograde include:

  • Increased aggression on both personal and global levels
  • Glorification of the worst parts of war and violence
  • Dictatorial leaders and behaviors
  • Illness
  • Wanton destruction
  • Peace and diplomatic outreaches going off the rails
  • Division and acrimony
  • Rage and anger that is unfocused and resists healing
  • Vulnerability and weaknesses exposed

Make no mistake, there is much good reflection that can come out of Mars Retrograde IF we work with it consciously, but there is also much that can go wrong during this period.

This is a three part retrograde candle rite.

Protection – The protection devotional candle is formulated to confer protection upon individuals and their loved ones, on entire groups of people, countries, and regions, Here we call on Mars as the benevolent and just soldier and warrior who protects those who cannot protect themselves with his shield of might and courage.

Presence – This candle supports us in doing our own Mars retrograde work. In reviewing where we have taken a stand for what we believe in – and where we have failed to do so. Mars is not really interested in apologies or excuses, he is interested in results and doing better. This candle supports us as we take a hard look at where and when we are willing to go to battle and encourages us to ensure that our patterns here are still righteous and relevant.

Perfection – Mars is nothing if not invested in optimization – of all things and across the board. Wherever we find a flaw, Mars is there to suggest ways to correct it and to bestow the energy on us that allows us to do so. Where are you seeking to be more perfect, whole, complete? This candle lights the way towards that goal.

Each participant has one devotional candle for each of the above things dressed, blessed, and set for their benefit in honor of the Mars Retrograde.


What are Astro RX Special Reports?

Stars. Planets. Galaxies.

They shine down on us every night, twinkling out their messages, hopes, dreams and plans; it’s high time we start listening.

I love astrology – the study and the understanding of the stars, and for a long time I paid attention to it (and laid some excellent plans in accordance with it) for myself and my family members.

Now I am really delighted to help you do the same thing. But this works a little differently than your typical astro reading.

See, while I love looking at natal charts I feel like there are already some truly gifted folks who are doing that very, very well. And I’m not a fan of reinventing the (Zodiac) wheel.

Instead I will offer, several times throughout the year something special – a report that looks at a particular transit or celestial event and then drills down into how it applies to you and your life.

There might be questions to ponder and journal on, ritual suggestions, or special candles lit on your behalf, because astrology is not a stand alone tradition, but a member in the family of sacred arts.

No matter what the report may be focused on, I always promise to deliver it in a beautiful package and to describe the events in a way that is clear and easy to understand even for those who are brand new to the stars and the stories they tell.



What: Mars Retrograde in Aries ~ Into the Fire
Includes: 3 candle ceremony
Cost: $113
Registration deadline: 8/22/20

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