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Current Offering ~ A Path and A Purpose: an Astro RX Special Report featuring the Astrological Compass Points

A Path and A Purpose

What is my purpose?

Why am I here?

Am I on my path?

These are the three questions I am most frequently asked.

And it makes total sense.

For never before have we seen a time when there are SO many options, so many different directions to go in, and so many different distractions to avoid.

While I am a firm believer that we can co-create our story and manifest our dreams; I also know that having too many options can be as paralyzing as not knowing where to start.

That is what the purpose of this offering is: to give you a solid place to start.

For as it turns out, your natal chart holds significant keys and clues to help you discover your best path and tell the story of your deep purpose.

I call these the Astrological Compass Points and knowing them can make things much clearer and get you well on your way.

This report starts out with a run-down of your 6 major astrological compass points. These are points in your natal chart that give you critical information – for instance, what do you need to know to re-charge? What do you need to aspire to? What can you draw easily into your life?

I’ll describe each compass point to you, give you specific information about yours, and then let you know what transits are happening around those points so that you can work with them most effectively over the course of the next year.

After I go over your compass points, I’ll work with the Sacred Art of Tarot to answer a significant question that you have right now.

Between the insight of the stars and the answers from the cards your path and your purpose will be illuminated; ready and waiting for you.

What are Astro RX Special Reports?

Stars. Planets. Galaxies.

They shine down on us every night, twinkling out their messages, hopes, dreams and plans; it’s high time we start listening.

I love astrology – the study and the understanding of the stars, and for a long time I paid attention to it (and laid some excellent plans in accordance with it) for myself and my family members.

Now I am really delighted to help you do the same thing. But this works a little differently than your typical astro reading.

See, while I love looking at natal charts I feel like there are already some truly gifted folks who are doing that very, very well. And I’m not a fan of reinventing the (Zodiac) wheel.

Instead I will offer, several times throughout the year something special – a report that looks at a particular transit or celestial event and then drills down into how it applies to you and your life.

There might be questions to ponder and journal on, ritual suggestions, or special candles lit on your behalf, because astrology is not a stand alone tradition, but a member in the family of sacred arts.

No matter what the report may be focused on, I always promise to deliver it in a beautiful package and to describe the events in a way that is clear and easy to understand even for those who are brand new to the stars and the stories they tell.



What: Guide to your Six Astrological Compass Points + How to Work with Them to Define Path and Purpose, followed by a Tarot Reading on your most essential question.

Delivered: via email as a downloadable pdf

Cost: $50

Includes: Analysis of your 6 Astrological Compass Points and their interpretations, including important transits, plus a Tarot reading.

Available until: July 13th, 2017

Spaces limited: yes, to 10 participants.

Registration is now closed.