Called to the Crossroads ~ A Year of Making Magic for Life

This is for those of you who are feeling called to something more, something deeper, something more expansive, something that has the potential to take your magic and your life to the next level. This is for those of you who feel Called to the Crossroads.

This training is named Called to the Crossroads because it is literally for those people who feel called to the crossroads. There are many ways you can take this: you may feel called to the crossroads of 2 areas of interest – like death and birth work. Or you may think about it more generally as you feel called to the crossroads where magic happens or where enchantment meets life here and now.

You may, like me, also have a special fondness for the holy helpers that frequent the crossroads, like Hekate, Coyote, and Hermes. You might also feel that you are at a crossroads of one kind or another in your own life and need some next-level magical skills to help you decide with paths are best for you at this time…in all cases you have been called and so the question now is: will you respond?

The Backstory:
In late 2018 I put out a call among my students to gauge interest in embarking on a year of intensive and advanced study in the Sacred Arts. I named this group Called to the Crossroads because the crossroads was and is our guiding image. A beautiful community came together that met for the most part on a monthly basis and explored some truly profound advanced magical techniques. Long before our last meeting I was fielding requests to “keep the good work going” into 2020 and beyond. As I felt into this I realized that for 2020 and 2021 the focus shifted from advanced magical training and that what was being asked for now, in this moment, was training and teaching in concepts like sustainability, support, and making magic out of and through our daily lives.

Thus I am proud to present Called to the Crossroads 2020-2021: Omens, Activism and Making Magic for Life.

The Vision:
This will be a closed group meaning that once the group has formed we will not add new members throughout the year. Meetings will begin in June 2020 and conclude May 2021. During this year of communion together we will explore:

Omens ~ specifically the ways that omens show up in our lives and the manner in which we integrate their advice and knowing into our overall story.

Activism ~ We will consider the different ways that we are called to be Holy Helpers in the world here and now and learn how to allow our omens to influence our activism.

Making Magic for Life ~ Practical magical techniques for the busy magic-maker who wants to enchant every aspect of their daily lives.

Each session will end with a round table sharing of what omens we received since the last time we spoke and how they influence and inform the actions we are taking/have committed to.

Syllabus: ~ Please note that due to recent events the Syllabus has slightly changed in order to address pressing concerns and questions.

Session One: Navigating the Liminal during times of Trauma ~ understanding how to work with the liminal in safe and effective ways especially during times of personal and collective trauma.

Session Two: Maid with Magic ~ Spiritual Cleaning and Protection

Session Three: Dream Tending ~ Learning to tend to the most immediate liminal space we all occupy, the territory of dreams.

Session Four: House Magic ~ Creating an enchanted and magically protected house room by room.

Session Five: Ornament and Adorn ~ Personal talismans and pieces of power that can be worn everyday and on the DL.

Session Six: Tending the Dead: Working with Ancestors, Ghosts, and Spirits in ways that are centered, peaceful, and calming.

Session Seven: Time Management for the Busy Mage ~ How to create more time, manage the time you have in the best possible way, get lots of stuff done and maybe even take a nap!

Session Eight: Community and Communion ~ Finding, building, and bridging communities.

Session Nine: The Junior League is Full of Witches, or, How to Be a Holy Helper ~ Community directed magic

Session Ten: The Magical Child ~ Teaching magic to the next generation.

Session Eleven: Take Me To Church ~ Religion in the life of the magic-maker.

Session Eleven: Love Potion #9: Magic for Love, Romance, and Fun Between the Sheets!

Session Twelve: Weaving It Together ~ Daily Practices For Everyone.

A few other things to note:
1.) There is going to be no (or very little) written material in this training. We are going old-school, oral tradition.
2.) We are not taking any weird, binding oaths regarding secrecy. At this level you could share everything I am teaching you with the world and only people who had gone through certain initial steps would get or benefit from any of it. With that said, we will be sharing with each other and so I expect that ALL information shared in the group will remain private and confidential.
3.) Our meetings will be virtual and we will use my bridge line so you will need a working phone or computer.
4.) There will be no social media group, no hashtags, no social sharing. Socializing among group members though is strongly supported and encouraged!
5.) You will have occasional assignments that need to be completed in between our meetings.

Dates for our meetings:
June 1st 2020
July 27th 2020
August 25th 2020
September 22nd 2020
October 23rd 2020
November 23rd 2020
December 8th 2020
January 18th 2021
February 8th 2021
March 16th 2021
April 19th 2021
May and June 2021 dates TBD

As always, dates are subject to change but we are going to stick with this line up as best we can. All calls will occur at 11am central time. Calls will be recorded but I strongly recommend that you try to make the calls live given the nature of the work that we are going to do. Each meeting will last between 1.5 and 2.5 hrs.

I am super thrilled about this work and really excited to journey with some of you into these deeper and higher levels of making magic. If you have any questions or concerns do email me and I am happy to help. Chances are, as soon as you read this you will KNOW if it is for you or not. Listen to that and trust it.

Membership is $700 – members of the 2019 Called to the Crossroads group, please use your discount code.

Registration closes on May 22nd 2020 or when we have reached capacity for the training.

Please note: there is a limited number of seats and I do expect this training to completely fill.

Requirements: All participants will need to have a copy of my book, Making Magic. It can be purchased here or you may get it through your local library. We will be referring to this text throughout the training.

Called to the Crossroads

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