Here Be Dragons

“People who deny the existence of dragons are often eaten by dragons. From within.” ~ Ursula K. Le Guin

Upcoming Ceremony on 5/10:

Struggle, Sex, Money, Prayer-Making, and Medicine-Finding with Scorpio

Here Be Dragons Full Moon in Scorpio

May’s full moon shines out from the heart of Scorpio, the cosmic scorpion who went into significant battle and emerged after long struggle as the victor.

Scorpio is traditionally the area of the chart where we are both broken and blessed – our struggles can manifest themselves physically, emotionally, practically, spiritually, and/or all of the above, and the one thing you can absolutely count on is that they WILL show up.

This is why Scorpio has also long been associated with the so-called “occult”, which I call the Sacred Arts; because when you struggle long and hard you discover that there is more than meets the eye and that you have inner resources you were not even aware of. In short, you discover how magical you really are.

Scorpio encourages us to look squarely at the places where we struggle, where we tread water and seem to get no closer to land, where we feel like we are pushing against the proverbial mountain.

But then Scorpio does something else: it encourages us to meet our struggles with prayer and blessing, to wade knee-deep into them so that we can find the needed medicines and apply them in just the right way.

This Ceremony is ideal for those who are:

Engaged in struggle of any kind and need support and back up.

Untangling old stories and old wounds around sex, love-making, and money.

Searching for the useful medicines that can be applied to any place that is in need of healing.

Willing to face the thing(s) they are most afraid of and need to call on courage.

Yearning for deeper connection with their lover.

Ready to bless themselves, scars and all.

In need  of deep healing.

Ascending and emerging out of the underworld and shadow realms.

Bringing passion and intensity to a specific project or endeavor.

Thinking about legacy in a serious manner.


As always, an original blessing will go out to all participants.

What is Here Be Dragons?

Once upon a time when the world seemed a bit smaller, cartographers would mark out mysterious lands and territories with the phrase “here be dragons.” It was an elegant way of saying this land is unknown and therefore we are afraid of it in the same way that we are afraid of dragons.

 Though our world has been explored up, down, and all around and though our modern maps do not ever mention dragons, we still face them every single day. The situations, people, and events that feel like they are mysterious and beyond our control, the stories and behaviors that frighten us, the places where we feel uncertain and afraid…here be dragons.

In this uncertainty and anxiety, we are certainly not alone.

It was for our ancestors just as it is for us. The way to encounter these dragons is to accept the challenge, face our fears and obstacles with courage, and call upon sacred ceremony to help us in our quest. And one of the deepest and most profound ways of creating ceremony and ritual is to involve the entire community in blessing and supporting each other.

How it Works ~

Every now and then as the spirit strikes, I create a community altar service around one of the “dragons” that many of us have personal experience with.

Specific petitions, blessings, prayers, and intentions will be written by each person who participates – because words really do have wings.

Altars are created, offerings made, blessings given, and prayers chanted, but no reports and no divination follow up are included in these services.

(art by Nicholas Roerich)

Kind Words ~

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you offering these!
I’ve only participated the last two months and haven’t been able to do it at the exact time, but each time I’ve ended up sobbing my way through the closing. Heavy, gasping, transformative, healing sobs. The blessings speak so much truth and it’s made me realize that I’ve been afraid of not only asking for what I truly want, but realizing what it even is that I want to begin with.
Thank you thank you thank you! — Anastasia














Cost: $10

Registration: is open through 5/9 at noon central time.

Here Be Dragons - Community Ceremonies

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