Michaelmas Communal Ceremony

This is a communal altar set to honor Archangel Michael on his Feast Day, also known as Michaelmas, which is September 29th. This service is free of charge and one that I offer every year.

So who is Archangel Michael and why might you wish to join me in honoring him? Let me tell you a bit about him…

Archangel Michael has always been the one to stand for those that no one else would stand for; that no one else would stand with.

We remember that he was called by and attended to the sick and the dying who everyone else was afraid to touch.

Called on by women who were battered and broken and alone with children – outcast from their tribes, their cities, and their communities.

Called too by various, deeply persecuted religious minorities beginning with the ancient Israelites who loved him so much that they composed hymns and beautiful poetry in his name and for his honor.

If his serene in-the-midst-of-battle face confuses us, might it help to remember that long before he was a warrior he was a healer and that maybe, just maybe, in every war-torn heart there is the deepest ability not only to be healed but to heal others?

Does he seem more real now?

Let us listen, for truly more than gold, sacred smoke, and fine food, the greatest offering we can make is our time, our attention.

What does Michael, Archangel and Saint, brother and beloved, ask you?

Does he speak to you of will – that virtue that has been forged in the fires of your life and polished with your tears and prayers until it gleams as surely as his sword does with your keen-eyed ability to judge and discern correctly?

Does he speak of boundaries – honoring the ones that you have set for yourself and the ones that have been created by others?

Does he tell about how it is to go into battle and stand up for the ones who are unseen, unheard, and often without hope?

Does he whisper that above all else you must do this: protect and nourish all that is tender, vulnerable, and still growing to full maturity?

Often in congregations or in individual practices intense time of honoring and offering spent with a holy figure ends with feasting and merriment.

The feast is a reminder that we are embodied and that our precious bodies need to be honored too — that “spiritual stuff” is decidedly immanent. The merriment affirms that we are among friends and families, and it is in our relationships where we put what we have discovered into actual, living practice.

May we all feast well, be blessed, and be blessings in turn.

You can read more about Archangel Michael here.
If you are looking for the Archangel Michael Home Protection Packets, you can order those here.

Cost: free

Participation: click the link below and you will be directed to send in a petition for the communal ceremony.

Registration closes: 9/28 at midnight central time.

Michaelmas Petition

Petition form for the annual Michaelmas altar in honor of Archangel Michael.